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Learn how to recognise the needs of your body! Let the staff of Vigour help you to find a great balance of your mind, body, and soul!

Pilates Classes: Studio Session, Studio/Oov Circuit, Mat & Reformer Class


Become educated with the latest movement techniques in the world right now!! The Vigour staff are educators and want to empower you with movement and knowledge!

Vigour is a fully Professional centre, with separated dedicated spaces for the professional studio and the group type sessions. The Vigour staff are committed to help you on your journey!! Body mind and spirit!

Pilates and Slings Myofascia class

Calming, relieving and invigorating the body with the latest research in movement education. The "art of motion" Slings Myofascial repertoire challenges and trains the fascial pathways of the body to reset the canvas, improve structural integrity, improve force transmission, and hydrate the body via specific fascial movements so that all movement becomes optimal. It is achievable for all body types and is based on the work of Karin Gurtner and Thomas Myers.

Studio Session

$49.50 - assessment $99

Pilates studio with Trapeze table, reformer, ladder barrel, combo chair, spine corrector and small apparatus
Semi-private class / 3-4 clients per hour

Studio/Oov Circuit


14x 4-minute stations for experienced Pilates clients
7 clients per hour 

PIlates Mat Class

$25 - assessment $55

The lesson is advanced every week and the use of small equipment makes the classes fun and challenging. The course is not competitive, educational and is open to beginners and athletes

Pilates Reformer Class

$35 - assessment $55

One-hour on the reformer with a skilled Pilates instructor
limit of 6 students in a guided reformer class attending to individual needs whilst keeping flow

Barre Fusion

$25 no assessment required

A combo barre dance class with Courtney 



Yoga/Pilates combination to improve core, balance, flexibility and alignment

Pilates and Slings Myofascia Class


Calming, relieving, and improving the body with a new education in fascia movement. The latest education in the fascial movement world!! Great for office workers, and those limited in movement. Explore challenge and reset the pathways of the body. Fascial sling training helps to improve structural alignment so that all movement is optimal.

OOV Hour

$35 - assessment $55

1 hr OOV session to reboot the body

New to the Shire!! Reboot the body's pathways on the OOV. A one hour class to challenge the core without any cheating. Strengthen, elongate, articulate and find balance on the OOV. Perfect for athletes wanting a competitive edge.

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