Vigour Pilates

Bernadette Milross

Miranda NSW 2228

Servicing area: Miranda & Sans Souci NSW

 A PAA (Pilates Alliance Australasia) accredited studio. Professional Pilates, Professional Slings and Myofascial Training (SMT Practitioner), Level 3 OOV accredited and more

PAA Accredited Pilates Studio

About Us

Vigour Pilates is fitted with a Full Professional Pilates Studio, and the Second Pilates (Green Room) is built for pilates Mat, barre fusion, yogalates, Reformer, Slings and Myofascia class and OOV hour.

The studio must follow strict guidelines such as maintaining a clean, well lit and airy studio space, adhering to all PAA codes of practice and ethics and continuing professional training.


Meet Our Friendly Staff Members

Bernadette Milross - Founder

Bernie has always had a passion for movement, wellness and education! She loves the genius of the human body. The way it works harmoniously to breath, heal , move and reach its potential. From an education background, her goal in the studio is to empower movement knowledge in her clients.

With a degree in Education /Human Movement (Sydney University), Professional Diploma in Pilates (Polestar Principal level), Diploma Sling and Myofascial Training ("art of motion"), and well over 10 000 teaching hours she strives to meet each clients needs on an individual basis. Her passion for movement education and the latest research makes her the only Level 3 OOV educator in the Sutherland Shire, and the only SMT practitioner!!

Her sense of positivity and pursuit of better movement for every client has awarded her numerous nominations for Business of the Year as well as Business Person of the Year in the Sutherland Shire Business awards.

Her passion is education. Her life mantra is "movement is medicine". Her goal is to inspire, prevent injury, promote healing, energise, motivate, reinvigorate, strengthen, realign and balance the body to give you zest for life.

Lana Worthington - Pilates Instructor

Lana spent her early twenties backpacking across Europe serving in hospitality without paying attention to' the proper physical treatment or the niggly lower pressure on her back. Her chronic pain took her to the neurologist's appointments and the possibility of a discectomy at the age of 26. Pilates was asked to be part of her regular health program, and she's always ready and able to show Pilates how to make people feel better.

Courtney Hall - Pilates Instructor

Since 2010, Courtney has worked in the health and fitness market.   Her passion for Pilates was discovered by accident, following a lower back disk fracture, and Studio Pilates was used for recovery. Courtney has a professional dance background and loves to inspire clients in the studio, at the barre and in mat and yogalates classes.

Jaclyn Griffin - Pilates Instructor

Jaclyn has a long term love of Pilates, being first introduced in 2000 by her physiotherapist at the time. She has since appreciated the great benefits of the practice in her own body. She loves the consistency and the internal challenge that comes with even Pilates' most seemingly basic exercises.

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