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Vital Family Chiropractic

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About Vital Family Chiropractic

Delivering Quality Chiropractic Care

Dr Mario (Chiropractor)has been delivering quality chiropractic care, since becoming a Master of Chiropractor in 1996 and, over the past 15 years he has adjusted over 8,000 people in a number of countries. He is proud to now be practicing out of two chiropractic clinics ready to serve the communities of West Lakes, Semaphore, Port Adelaide, Royal Park and the greater metropolitan areas.

Our Purpose at Vital Family Chiropractic

Our purpose is to help people express optimum health by ensuring that their body is functioning at its best. Your Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress in your body and allow you to reconnect with innate potential to get healthy and strive for your optimal potential.

The Ideal Vital Family Chiropractic Patient…

Dr Mario clearly explains what patients need and happily gives them what they want. Our ideal members at Vital Family Chiropractic take on board and acknowledge the simple steps to any health improvement; time, energy and repetition.

The members that get the best results combine these simple steps with a positive outlook, believe in all things natural, get adjusted regularly, commitment to keeping appointments and a holistic approach to improving their health. These people are so happy with their results that they refer friends and family to receive the same benefits from chiropractic that they testify has helped them.

These practice members are actively involved in discussions about chiropractic with an awareness of the philosophy, art and science of chiropractic. They get it. Knowing that, having your spine in alignment and your nervous system free from interference results in less health issues, more energy and a healthier life.

Inspiring and Helping Others through Chiropractic!

Dr. Mario has inspired some people he has cared for to take up the chiropractic profession because of his passion it has become his life’s work to help and inspire others.

What our Patients Want to Know…

“How many adjustments will I need?”

It’s kind of like saying how many painkillers will I need to take in my life. Unless you address the cause of problem then you will need to keep treating the symptoms. This question is one that many people have but those who know a bit about their bodies will acknowledge the complex nature of a living organism.

Each person comes to our clinic with a different body, spine and mindset which are the three main differentiating factors between the people we see. Therefore, no set amount of adjustments can be prescribed. However, a schedule of care is recommended.

Your Recommended Care is Tailored to You

This schedule of care represents the important factor to improving health through chiropractic adjustments, that is based on the fact that the longer your vertebrae are in alignment and your nervous system is free from vertebral subluxations / nerve interference, the longer your body has to heal and repair.

Your schedule of care involves repetition just like going to the gym and specific adjustments for your presenting issues, which are especially tailored to help you. Just like a gym routine would be design for your fitness goals, your recommended care here at our clinic is tailored to your health goals. Once you feel the benefits from regular adjustments you will want to tell all your friends and family.

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