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Danielle Tooley

Can I tell you a secret?.... The Access Bars® literally changed my life!

Welcome! I am so excited that you have landed on my page. I wonder what do YOU know is possible for your life and living? 

Can you imagine the change that could be available for YOU when you tap into what you know is TRUE for YOU? Could you imagine having ease with money, greater relationships, better health, a thriving business and a fun and joyful life and living? It all starts with these amazing process called the Access Bars® and the tools of Access Consciousness® and of course YOU! Are you ready?

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Vitality & You - About

My name is Danielle and I am an Empowerment Coach and an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. I have worked in the wellness industry for over 20 years. I work with the Access Bars, processes and tools that create space for people to make incredible shifts in their life and living. My sessions allow people to let go of tension, anxiety and stress, and to be able to move into their creative capacities. Through my sessions people have achieved insight and greater awareness, strengthened relationships, relieved stress, shifted body issues and stepped out of judgement of themselves. Many clients have let go of limitations and blocks that have prevented them from living a happy and more rewarding existence.

I will partner with you and together we can discover what is holding you back from the incredible life that you have always known was possible.

I love contributing to people's lives and inspiring them. I am at the cutting edge of self development and attend regular training to create the greatest sessions for you.

How Can I Help?

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Health
  • Weight Problems
  • Money Issues
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Sleep
  • Children & Babies & Behaviour
  • Receiving
  • Pain
  • Study, Learning & Creativity
  • Assistance With Animals


Private Sessions

  • Access Consciousness The Bars®
  • Empowerment Coaching - Online & In Person
  • Energetic Activation Sessions - Online & In Person
  • Access Body Processes
  • Access Energetic Facelift™
  • Energetic Synthesis Of Structural Embodiment
  • Access Consciousness Kids


  • Access The Bars®
  • Access The Foundation Online 
  • Access Body Processes
  • Access Energetic Facelift™

Online Programs

  • 21 Day Stress-Less Detox
  • 21 Days To A Happy Body

Book A Free 15min Discovery Session To See If We Are A Good Fit Today!

15 Minute Discovery Session

Qualification details

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Certificate IV In Workplace Training & Assessment

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Vitality & You