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Vitality Options

Deane Everson

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Welcome to Vitality Options, the Sunshine Coast’s leader in massage for injury relief and sports recovery.

If you suffer from a chronic or acute painful condition we want to help you.

Your therapist will carefully evaluate your condition before commencing your treatment, to choose the right combination to suit your needs.

Vitality Options


Deane has now performed more than 6000 massages since 2004. He discovered his calling to become a massage therapist after enduring a world of pain personally…perhaps you can relate to his story.

A freak workplace accident in 1991 could have spelt disaster for Deane,   instead it led hom on a journey of self discovery and healing that uncovered his true calling.

Anyone who has ever found themselves out of action due to injury knows the sense of despair that can take hold when an injury fails to respond to traditional treatments.

This was Deane’s experience when a large plank of wood fell on the back of his neck and knocked him out during his work as an event lighting designer.

“As soon as it happened I knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t move my arms and felt a tingling sensation right down to my fingertips on both sides”, he said.

Deane did initially recover and managed to return and continue the creative work he adored. But things went horribly wrong a few years later when he tore the rotator cuff in his shoulder lifting a piano. Almost immediately the old neck injury flared up as his shoulder lost its ability to function. “I had no movement in my neck what so ever and was unable to lift my right arm. This affected my entire torso and into the lower back.” I was in agony 24 hours a day and relied on heavy pain medication which I became dependent on – quite frankly, I was a physical and emotional wreck.”

For the next six years Deane endured the roundabout of predominately orthodox treantment, medication and pain management clinics before turning to massage to help with relaxation and the stress associated with chronic injury. “To my amazement after two or three sessions, the mobility began to retun and I was able to turn my head.  This continue to improve until I had full movement in the neck and the stiffness and pain in my shoulder also subsided. Not only did I feel better physically, but emotionally too.”

Deane recognised the wide benefits of massage and set about learning the most effective techniques for pain reduction and injury management. This combination of personal experienc and professional expertise accompanied by his passion to help others has led to Deane being sought after by pain sufferers and even other massage therapists to treat a wide range of pain conditions, that have often been endured for long periods. “No one should have to endure what I went through, and it’s my mission to see that they don’t”.


Remedial, Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy

Specialised treatments for sport, pain and stress related conditions.  We use a unique combination of techniques that have been found to be particularly effective to treat chronic pain and injury. We have a reputation for a firm technique, preferred by the majority of our clientele, but can also use a lighter touch if necessary.

We specialise in sports therapy techniques, working closely with the local CrossFit community and Triathlon clubs. We believe this is where we do our best work. 

The Detox Box - FarInfared Sauna

The relaxation experience of The Detox Box is profound. The heat is dry and easily tolerated and leaves your body perfectly prepared for your massage while aiding muscular recovery. It allows us to work the muscle deeply while minimising discomfort. A unique and enjoyable experience.

The far infrared sauna facilitates detoxification of heavy metals that may be stored in your body, that may exasperate pain and inflammation, and auto-immune conditions.

Vitality Options Liquid Magnesium & Epsom Salts

Vitality Options Massage and Health Products locally produce their own range of liquid magnesium (magnesium oil) and Epsom salts in bulk (1kg, 5 kg and 10kg) for the most dedicated athlete! These products are also available wholesale.

Magnesium is an essential mineral required by the body supporting more than 300 chemical functions.

Purchase from our online shop or from one of our 90 stockists.

For all enquiries contact us today!

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