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Yoga in schools to promote wellbeing.

Vital Yoga - Yoga in Schools

For more than 18 years Vital Yoga has taught in schools across the metropolitan area. Yoga is a well recommended discipline that is used to introduce children to wellness from as young as 4 years of age. Yoga in schools is an increasingly popular trend and there are a teaching methodologies. Whilst most teach yoga as “playtime”, we teach a structured class involving yoga poses, warmup, relaxation and meditation.

Children enjoy and love to participate in Vital Yoga for its active, fun and non-competitive nature. Children will begin to develop concentration and will also develop an increased sense of awareness about their bodies and minds. We have literally taught thousands of children from Preprimary to Year 12 including deaf and special needs children.

Vital Yoga can also design an effective stress management yoga session as part of Professional development for teachers.

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