Barbara Traub

Barbara Traub

2/53-55 Frenchmans rd
Randwick NSW 2031

Servicing area: Randwick, Maroubra, Pagewood, Mascot and Little Bay


About Barbara Traub

About Barbara

My own individual health journey is what motivated me to enter into the field of Nutrition and Natural Therapies.

Several years ago before I was in the Health field, I was happy and healthy, and I never thought of ill health I got diarrhoea that lasted for 10 years.

I saw a variety of doctors, had many stool tests, saw many immunologists and specialists with no real cure in sight.

As a result of my severely unhealthy state I contracted Glandular Fever and then on top of this I was diagnoses with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was told by a renowned immunologist that I was ‘emotional’ and to go home and rest, as there was nothing that could really be done to help me!

My desperation at no accepting the situation I was placed in drove me to seek a cure, and for many years trying different modalities and therapies I finally got an answer to my chronic situation.

I was diagnosed with a parasite that was called Giardia, and with the correct antibiotic my severe diarrhoea was cured!

I was so grateful that my life was able to return to normal!

I began to study nutrition to view how to repair my weakened, severely malnourished body, and this was the beginning of a long uphill battle to achieve optimum health.

On my road to recovery and returning back to a state of good health, I began to fall in love with the power and the wonders of natural healing and became a qualified Nutritionist, knowing I had been led on a gruelling journey to heal myself, and thus help others to find answers in their frustrating journey for health.

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Barbara Traub