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Vlada Shkarlat - Energy Therapist

Focus areas

Self-confidence Stress management Love Optimal health Headaches Healing art

 Ask yourself these questions:

    • Do you feel anxious and worried all the time, perhaps depressed?

    • Are you exhausted? Constantly stressed?

    • Lacking motivation? Procrastinating?

    • Are you sleeping well?

    • Do you suffer from the headaches, migraine, back pain?

    • How is your weight?

Now that you think about it, have you got a few areas in your life you could use help with?

Get in touch and learn how we can together help you to be in the best shape you can be.

By using holistic approach, choosing right techniques and modalities, I am creating a tailored treatment plan just for you.

I also teach you in easy way how you can repeat the successful effect of the treatment at any time you required.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Now imagine how it would feel to have loads of energy, sleep soundly, maintain your ideal weight, manage stress and anxiety, feel relaxed and happy, do more and get more out of your life?

It would feel great, wouldn’t it?

Make it a your reality! Don’t put it for later. Start living your life now!

There are number of techniques and modalities which could help you to achieve your goals:

Reiki – means “universal life force energy” and it aims to improve health as well as the quality of life. The hands of the therapist are held in a certain position above the body, cleansing and charging you with pure energy. This therapy treats the whole person and brings about feelings of peace, security and well-being.

Traditional Chinese Medicine ( Needless Acupuncture: Acupressure)
Meridians are part of our “energetic” circulatory system. Just like the blood vessels carry and distribute blood throughout the body, meridians carry the energy in the same fashion. Meridians contain numerous points. These points (acupressure points) reach the surface of the skin and can be tapped or massaged in order to assist the flow and regulation of energy within physical body, helping with physical and psychological issues.

Meditation – it is one of the most effective ways of relaxation, as well as improving acute or chronic illness, stress relief, manifest life changes and more. Despite all the myths surrounding it, the benefits of meditation can be experienced by person doing it for the first time. Practicing meditation myself for more than a decade, I teach simple ways of meditation and offer a variety of facilitated meditation for my clients:

    • Creating well-being meditation

    • Cleansing energy meditation

    • Limited attitudes meditation – releasing core believes and attitudes which no longer work for you

    • Releasing judgment meditation – releasing judgment over yourself and others

    • Cutting the ties meditation – ceasing draining relationship of the past

    • Healing inner child meditation – working on childhood issues, which still affect you as an adult

    • Deep relaxation meditation and many others

Life Line Technique (LLT) – holistic system that finds and releases emotions trapped within subconscious mind – the root of physical symptoms and stress.

Get in touch with me via a the phone 0497 673 437 or email natural pages, I would love to answer all your questions!


“After working few sessions with Vlada, I felt more relaxed. I have been able to sleep well all night and wake up in the morning, feeling refreshed! I find myself more motivated, having more energy to do things through the day. By eating right food, exercising and doing few simple techniques which Vlada taught me, I am now starting to loose extra weight! My dream goal of many years. I feel happy about myself!”

Bridget M.

“I had my right shoulder aching for years, causing me lots of troubles. My right arm’s functions were restricted, I wasn’t been able to sleep at night if I would lie on it, wet weather was turning my days into nightmare. I visited many doctors and naturopaths, tried different medications and natural remedies, to no avail. I’ve heard from my friend about Vlada, so I contacted her. I had few Life Line techniques done on me and since that time my pain has gone! It has been 4 years since last time my right shoulder was giving me a grief!”

Tran N.

Dealing with emotions and unwanted habits. Core limited believes. Relationships.

    • Is your self-esteem like a roller coaster: goes up and down, depending on your achievements of the day?

    • Have you ever been bullied at school, work or even in family?

    • How is your relationship with your significant other and your family? Do you feel happy and fulfilled?

    • Are fear and insecurities keeping you awake at night?

    • Wish you could manage anger better?

    • What is the best way to resolve a conflict? Want to learn effectively communicate with your spouse and children or colleagues?

    • Finding difficult to let go of an issue? Dreading a change?

    • Always wanted to get rid of that habit of yours?

    • Have been working with psychologist for number of years, but those issues are still coming back?

I know how you feel! As a part of my Medical Degree I have had years of training in Psychology and Psychiatry and would “visit” myself, seeking help with one or more issues. I would get some progress, but not as significant as I do get now days, using Psychology together with the Energy Medicine.

It is important to talk about your issues, but it’s equally important to approach and work on those issues not only from emotional and mental point of view, but physical and soul ones too.

My patients often tell me they feel “lighter” after a session! Not only because they “unloaded” their burdens, but they have received immediate energy shift, provided by Energy Medicine.

Next modules are particularly helpful in dealing with emotions and unwanted habits, as well as working on relationship’s issues:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – it is goal-oriented technique with practical approach to problem solving. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behaviour that are behind people’s difficulties, and so change the way they feel. It is used with the range of problems including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger problems and many others.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – explores the relationship between how a person thinks, communicates both verbally and non-verbal and how it effects person’s behaviour. NLP is a behavioural technique that teaches people to change or adopt new behaviour as required and to choose their mental and physical states of well-being.

Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) – based on the therapy that the cause of all negative emotions is disruption in the body’s energy system. Certain energy points on the face, hands and upper torso are stimulated by tapping while the patient is “tuned in” to the problem.

Life Line Technique (LLT) – holistic system that finds and releases emotions trapped within subconscious mind – the root of physical symptoms and stress.


“My wife sent me to see Vlada because of my out of hand angry reaction to any sort of problems. I didn’t think it was that bad. I haven’t known different, my dad and uncles were reacting the same way all their lives. I come from Italian family, we are all passionate people and sometimes reacting emotionally. But after I worked with Vlada, I realized it was just an excuse for my anger, I also learnt that anger is an important and useful emotion, when managed properly! So I did learn how to mange it and very shortly I was surprising my big family by responding to the situations in calm manner.”

Frank C.

“I never thought that my husband would cheat on me and leave me after 14 years being together and having two children. He did. I felt at that moment as if whole world has collapsed. I am grateful that I found Vlada at that time! She was able to navigate me through psychological and practical challenges, and not only to help resolve the situation in the best way for all of us (including my ex!), but also helped me to become a stronger woman! I learnt to believe in myself and my future!”

Andy S.

Early and late childhood issues. Parenting.

I strongly recommend to read through all the questions, even if your child belongs to a different age category. If you are a student, you would benefit more from reading a special page for you.

Babies , toddlers and parents

    • Finding hard to put your baby or toddler to sleep or perhaps your child experiencing some issues with the sleep (e.g. sleep walking, nightmares)?

    • Does every time feeding your toddler turns into a battle? How to deal with their tantrums? And are “terrible twos”, supposedly lasting only for a year, here to stay for a longer?

    • Perhaps you have a brand new healthy baby, but you are not enjoying the motherhood or fatherhood, being afraid to admit it even to yourself . Can anything be done to change it?

    • Is your family growing and you find challenging to juggle being a perfect mum with few children, keeping household under control and may be even working part-time?

    • Or may be you are a single parent with double load of responsibilities on your shoulders?

    • Are you a first time mum and everyone gives you hips of “helpful” yet contradictive advices, including doctors and nurses? How to coop with the “tsunami” of advices and how to choose the right one?

    • There are a lot of things could be done to improve yours and your family well-being!

School age children

    • How to help your child with anxiety at school on daily basis and during exam period?

    • Does your child lacking energy, have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome?

    • What is the cause of frequent headaches, non-specific tummy aches and how to help your child, since a number of medical test didn’t find any explanation to them?

    • Has your child being bullied and how to help them?

    • How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence in your child?

    • Do you wonder how to increase child’s attention, improve concentration and enhance school and sport performance natural ways, without medications?

    • What is the best way to deal with children’s lie?


    • Do you ever/ Feel like only yesterday you had a perfectly gentle and loving child, who today has been replaced by an alien, called teenager? And none of your previously successful parental techniques work any more?

    • How effectively do you communicate as a parent?

    • What is the best way to address such issues as: school drop outs, romantic relationships, teenage pregnancy, drugs and alcohol use, prevention of dangerous behaviour?

    • How to be patient, strong and consistent in your parenting and not to loose your temper, especially when all you feel like screaming? How to create and maintain the boundaries?

    • Want your teenager to respect you? Is it possible to motivate them and cooperate with you, at all?

    • Does your teenager have eating disorder, distorted body image?

    • Perhaps the biggest problems are anxiety and depression?

    • How well they are coping with study, sport and extra activities?

The requirements of modern world dictate children of even young age to keep up with its pace. Working for decades with children of all ages, from babies to teenagers in different capacities (as a medical doctor, early childhood educator and energy therapist) shows now like never before: to be a child in a modern world is very stressful! As for the parents, they constantly feeling under enormous pressure, and it increases every year!

These modalities can help to answer your questions and improve quality of life children’s and parents. They showed successful outcome with children of all age, as well as the parents:

    • CBT

    • Traditional Chinese Medicine (Needless Acupuncture: Acupressure)

    • NLP

    • Meditation

    • Pranic Healing

    • LLT

    • Yoga breathing

For information about these modalities visit other pages.


“My son has been bullied at school. We have been looking for all types of solutions and assistance. Finally my friend recommended Vlada, she has seen her before and was happy with the results. After few sessions with Vlada my son became brave and confident young man. He has learnt few techniques with Vlada, which we practiced together at home and then at school for few weeks. The result was amazing, he was able to stand up for himself for the first time! It changed his life and ours! These days he says that “bullies don’t come to me any more!”

Emily D.

“My daughter always has been an anxious girl. But stress of doing year 12, trying to get the highest score and getting into the University become too much to bare for her. She started to get sick, every week she had to miss a day or more of school. We were very concerned if she would be able to finish her school that year. Lots of tears and tantrums. Then we found Vlada. She worked with my daughter for a period of time. She’s changed our lives! We always would be grateful for her help! My daughter finished school, has got into University the same year and working now towards her dream career!”

Sue T.


    • Feeling tired, sleepy all the time?

    • Overwhelmed by the amount of material to be read and learnt in a short period of time?

    • Are you anxious, stressed and occasionally experiencing depressive moods, particularly during exam period?

    • Do you know if you’d study between 1pm and 3pm your productivity would at low level? It is particularly important to consider at the time of preparation for exam. However, you could double it, if you choose the right time of the day. There are so many easy and helpful ways to achieve maximum result when you are studying with minimum effort!

    • Ever wondered how to increase your self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence?

    • Not knowing how to deal with your insecurities?

    • Feeling lonely or perhaps like the whole world doesn’t understand you any more?

    • Not good enough?

    • Finding difficult juggling study, work and socializing? Need better time management?

In almost two decades in total of my various tertian education I encountered many of the above challenges. It prompted me to look for the solutions, it had to be effective and sometimes fast one. I wanted to learn not just what has been recommended in those situations by Traditional or Complementary Medicine, but also what would work and what wouldn’t and why? I also had to find for everyone including myself, were there any shortcuts?

During the years of my work with students, all of them have achieved their goals: managing anxiety or passing exams with HD, successfully dealing with the stress or delivering presentation, among many other goals which they have achieved. Importantly, all of them by now are experts on how to elevate and maintain their energy level. Their increased self-esteem and self-confidence helped these students to succeed and live their life to the full! Their determination and work on themselves made me very proud of them!

Various combinations of the modalities mentioned above would be helpful for the students, depending on their needs. Together we can achieve your goals and make your life as a student much richer, more enjoyable and interesting!


“I thought I would fail my 1st session at Uni. I knew the subject well, but my attitude wasn’t right. We worked with Vlada on important points for successful outcome of the exams. She taught me the best way to prepare myself for exams, how to increase my memory and concentration. I passed exams with the highest score!”

Jason B.

“Vlada gave me a different prospective on my life. I stopped talking to myself in abusive way (calling myself a looser or an idiot) and actually started to like and accept myself. She has been very supportive, even in between the sessions she would help me to keep myself on track, achieving my goals. I think everyone needs Vlada’s help in their life!”

Laura P.

Sensitive people

    • Are you a sensitive person?

    • Have you heard all your life “You are too sensitive!”, “Toughen up!”, “You should grow thicker skin, if you want to succeed in this life!”?

    • Does your sensitivity feel like a burden or a gift?

    • Are you an introvert? Finding it is hard to initiate a conversation or to ask for what you need?

    • Do you have low personal boundaries?

    • Would you like to be able to stand up for yourself in any circumstances?

You are not alone! Although the number of sensitive people is small, it has been increasing for the last 15 years. Sensitivity is a talent, it’s a gift! Being sensitive myself, I appreciated it relatively recently; honestly, it felt like a curse before!

Sensitive people are able to experience deeper feelings and emotions, see wider range of colours in life, they can sense earlier and appreciate more than others. And that is a gift! This is one of the reasons why sensitive people make very good healers (traditional and non-traditional), actors and composers, artists and architects, and reaching highs in many more other creative occupations.

But before sensitivity will feel to you like a gift, you need to understand what is it and how to manage it. You need to learn how to turn it from your foe into your friend, how to share your gift, your talent with people.

And I am very happy to help you to do it. A lot of my patients are sensitive people and after working on their sensitivity, they stop “feeling like something is wrong” with them, they start living their lives, gaining self-confidence and increasing self-worth. On daily basis it translates into standing up for themselves and confronting the bullies; achieving personal goals and passing exams with flying colours; getting promoted and receiving $10,000.00 more of annual salary; learning more about themselves and their wants; finding true love and having better relationship with the family.

Next modalities have proven to be very successful in managing sensitivity:

Yoga breathing exercises – many people breathing primarily into their chest in a shallow breathing style. This leads to low oxygen level in the body and excess of carbon dioxide, both leading to low energy which can subsequently manifest into further conditions such as headache, fatigue and others. By changing breathing pattern or style you could increase energy, enhance immune system, calm the mind and emotions and achieve many other positive effects.

Hypnotherapy – combines cognitive therapeutic counseling technique with subconscious healing technique. Being hypnotized just means that you feel very relaxed. In this relaxed state, with some guidance, you can start making the changes that you want to make; and your automatic behaviour or emotional reactions start to change from negative to positive.

Pranic healing – is an ancient art that originated in India. It works on the energy system of the body (charkas) by correcting energy imbalances and blockages, removing used-up or dis-eased energy and replacing it with fresh energy. Pranic healing improves physical conditions, psychological and psycho-spiritual disorders.

Also helpful are next modalities:

    • Traditional Chinese Medicine (Needless Acupuncture: Acupressure)

    • CBT

    • NLP

    • LLT

    • Meditation


“I am a sensitive person! I can say it now with the pride! What a relief to talk to someone who understands sensitive people and can actually help you to manage your sensitivity! I see it now as a gift most of the days and when it doesn’t feel like it, I look through Vlada’s notes, chose one of the techniques she taught me and do it. Soon I feel fantastic again!”

Sam R. 

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