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Luke Hamilton

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Are you ready for change?



Isn’t it time you felt more motivated, inspired and empowered in your life?

Are you needing support to drop your old and heavy ways?

Are you ready to take your life to a whole new level?

Then I would like to invite you to experience powerful awakening through the power of presence. I will help you cut through your illusions with direct communication and powerful processes. The gifts I share have helped inspire, motivate and empower people time and time again

The intention of these sessions is to help release any blocked emotions or belief systems through powerful processes and bring you back into alignment with your most empowered self.

I work intuitively with whatever is arising for you consciously and unconsciously. Using powerful communication, I will guide you through processes of what is needed at the time.


My journey has been one where I have had to overcome some very deep wounds and self-esteem issues. My upbringing was one that left me deeply psychologically scarred. I have had to work through myself at many levels. Guilt and shame about past choices and actions, trauma and emotions from past abuse, depression & self-esteem issues and massive amounts of self-doubt and disempower issues just to name a few.

After a long and deep journey and many realisations, practices and processes its now my pleasure to pay it forward the help those who are drawn.


All the processes I bring through are from my own personal deeply embodied wisdom and intuitive gifts that have served me on my own path.


“I recently had a session with Luke. Not something I would ordinarily indulge in and wasn't feeling any particular need… However, sensing a beautiful comfortability and powerful vibration in his energy and presence, I was curious what could unfold… I share my testimony to his Light, for pure Love & Gratitude, and, in case you may be moved to explore what is possible for yourself within his realm of guidance (for lack of better words). Since returning from abroad I have been finding myself in an exquisitely open state of love and connectedness, and if there's anything I've wanted... it is simply to explore and enjoy this as much as possible. So, I was open, but expected nothing. What I got... Well! Was nothing short of the most incredible and unexpected kaboom of heart & soul clearance, expansion, freedom, and rekindled passion for my forgotten creative energies!! I've no idea when or how, but during that session, everything that was not me, either released, shifted or melted away... only to reveal my true essence, love and commitment to self.

...Now that's a lot of hippy-trippy words in one sentence, I realise. However, I assure you each word is justified and completely authentic. I have *never* experienced such profound movement with someone I knew so little. This is a reflection of my own openness yes, but also of Luke's integrity and commitment to Awakening and being of service. I found Luke to hold an exceptionally clear and professional space; one that had me feel completely safe, held and nurtured, with ample room to physically or verbally let go if I needed. Luke is highly intuitive and empathetic, and I deeply appreciated his confident yet humble style of offering.

Bless your precious heart Luke... A thousand thank you's for what you enabled me to see and remember within myself - This may very well have been life changing! ❤ My testimonial in summary, is that Luke's intuitive healing can provide nothing short of Divine Awakening.” - SR

“Luke's approach is a beautiful blend of logic and intuitive energy healing. He has a very unique perspective which has helped me see life from new directions that I hadn't previously considered. If you want to step into your power with your career, personal life, gifts or relationships, then Luke is someone you should talk to.” - BB

“Luke has an extraordinary ability to cut through the shadow and the illusion and lovingly direct you to the heart and core of the matter. He has a sharp mind, amazing insight and incredible heart which allow for great depth and wisdom. Since I have known Luke over the last 7 years, I have had countless conversations and sessions with him that have always brought me back to a place of truth and empowerment. He has often guided me on a gentle yet powerful journey of self-discovery, expansion and healing through which I have been able to let go of old wounds, held emotion and trauma and limited beliefs supporting me to experience much more joy, self-love and freedom in my life. He has been an integral part of why I am the person I am today. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach and healer." - LJ

“Luke has been my life coach and spiritual guide for about 5 years now and without him I would be a shallow shadow of the person I am today. Luke has opened my mind, heart and soul to so much knowledge and wisdom about the world, spirituality and myself. He has guided me to tap into my intuition and to seek inner guidance as I journey through life’s experiences. I credit Luke for introducing me to meditation, a practice I could now not live without. It is essential to my health and happiness and enriches my life every day. I feel blessed and fortunate to have Luke in my life and would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking personal or spiritual coaching” - GC

“My sessions with Luke have demonstrated his great capacity to hold space in a very conscious and present way. He carries great wisdom, insight and connection on a personal and universal level that belies his years and he shares this wisdom freely in a compassionate and insightful way. Assisting you to reach an understanding of where you’re at in your life or gaining fresh insight or a different perspective on any hurdles that you may currently be facing.” - KJ

“Luke, thank you for the healing session. I felt a deep relaxation and calming down in my nervous system. I have been feeling stressed and at my edge for some time. Connecting with my power and coming back into my body has been so necessary and I felt this after the session. Your capacity to hold this space with strength and compassion was so powerful. I so appreciate knowing this as a choice for further support in the future. I highly recommend you to friends and appreciate your offering. Thank you” - KF


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