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Hatha yoga practice provides an enduring foundation of wellness to fortify you against ageing and the stresses of modern life. Cecily is an experienced Level 2 teacher.

Wavell Heights Community Yoga

Classes at Wavell Heights Community Yoga are friendly and welcoming and suitable for all levels of students

Our class provides  a beautiful and holistic practice, working at every level to bring wellbeing, joy and peace into your life. Yoga is the most natural of all movement practices, never taking energy from you but acting to restore, renew and enhance every part of your life.

We work to create good posture, as incorrect posture can weaken you causing pain, and in some cases injuring the body. All yoga postures strengthen and facilitate the body into excellent posture.

Our Yoga practice creates both flexibility and strength. With yoga it is possible to maintain both flexibility and strength throughout your life. It also helps to open the hips and build flexibility and suppleness in to the back and shoulders, tones and strengthens the legs. Indeed, yoga works every part of the physical body to improve and balance it.

On a deeper level our yoga practice massages the inner organs for better functioning, helps to balance both hemispheres of the brain to create physical stability, lightness of movement, concentration and focus and assists to remove the impacts of time and gravity on the body restoring and renewing the entire system

Yoga can assists with weight maintenance in that it works against the gradual increase in weight that occurs with ageing.

Our practice works to implement correct breathing to greatly improving health generally and increasing calmness of mind. Yoga practice offers pathways to managing stress and anxiety holistically.

Yoga detoxifies and balances the physical and energy systems of the body. All of our yoga classes finish with a guided meditation and a period of stillness and silence to help the body absorb the practice and renew and restore your energy

The best time to begin practicing yoga is NOW!  You will be most welcome.      

Class time: 6pm Wednesday

Address: Uniting Church Basement,147 Rode Rd., Wavell Heights (Parking at rear of building)

About Cecily

Cecily is an experienced Level 2 Yoga teacher. She began  practicing yoga as a teenager being influenced by some of the very first yoga teachers in Australia. Later after a substantial career in business she moved to the Sunshine Coast and for over 20 years attended classes with Elsa Rabold, a well- known yoga  teacher and one of the founding members of the IYA bringing yoga to Australia. Elsa was still teaching classes well into her 90s. Elsa always said that “the body you have before you are 40 is the one you are given and the body you have after 40 is the one you have made yourself”. She was such an influence and inspiration that Cecily decided to become a yoga teacher also.

Cecily began teaching yoga in 2008 and since that time has taught at many venues in Brisbane including UQ Sport for 10 years. She ran classes at the South Bank Parklands attended by over 200 people. Her classes at Wavell Heights have been running since 2009.

Cecily authored a book in 2012 called Transforming Ageing and at that time taught a series of workshops being an advocate for maintaining wellbeing and physical freedom through yoga throughout your life.

Cecily brings a lifetime of experience as a yogi to the practice. The classes are always fresh and interesting, warm and friendly. She takes a personal interest in each student and helps them achieve their personal best through yogic principles and practice.

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