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Way Of The Womb

Barbara Ma-El

Melbourne VIC 3767

Servicing area: Servicing the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne

Way Of The Womb
I provide Mizan Therapy for Traditional Reproductive Healing that involves Gentle Abdominal + Womb Massage, Medical Medium Informed Nutritional Guidelines + Self Care Practices.

I also prescribe Liquid Crystal remedies.

• Located in Mount Dandenong, Melbourne •

Mizan Therapy - Womb Massage + more!


employing timeless healing techniques from an array of traditional cultures around the world

Why Gentle Womb Massage?

The uterus is held in suspension in the middle of the pelvis by 8 ligaments.
Many factors can cause an imbalance in its delicate positioning. When the womb is not centrally balanced and she swells to the size a grapefruit during menstruation, this pushes on other organs in the lower pelvis and tends to cause all kinds of problems. Pain, stagnation of lymph and blood flow or nerve impingement, to mention a few issues this can cause.

In Mizan Therapy we primarily seek to invite the uterus back to it's natural physical state of balance, by increasing blood flow, oxygenation and lymph into these 8 ligaments.

Massaging these areas also naturally benefits and treats digestive and elimination issues.

Consider Mizan Bodywork + Empowered Healing Info + Self-Care Practices For the Following :

Painful Menstruation
Irregular Cycles
POCS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
Fertility Issues & IVF Optimization
Miscarriage Recovery
Termination Recovery
Pregnancy Nausea
Pelvic Pain
Prolapse (Bladder or Uterus)
Menopausal Symptoms
Menstrual / Menopausal Migraines
Pubis Symphis Issues
Urinary Issues
Recurrent Bladder or Yeast Infections
Low Backache
Digestive problems
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Abdominal Surgery or C-section Recovery

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My treatment room is in The Womb Sanctuary, deep in the forest on the peak of Mount Dandenong.
Here, we're encircled & held in the Presence of 150ft Gum Trees. Eucalyptus Trees are 'The Standing Sentinels Of Healing'.

Give me a call to get your questions answered : 0466 984 317

Women's Praise + Appreciation for their New Health

"Thank you SO much darling! I cannot believe how different I feel after just the one session. My belly, and diaphragm are so relaxed and I feel so much more life energy able to move through me!
Lots of releases and crazy dreams as well! SO GOOD!
Your altar is beautiful! x x x
" - Kassandra (Nelson, NZ)


"Holy shit! I started bleeding today and it caught me completely by surprise because I had zero of the symptoms I've been getting lately leading into a bleed!
And yesterday was one of the most stressful days of my life and I can’t believe I handled it so calmly given it was the day before bleeding started!
I think the two Mizan treatments I received played a MASSIVE role with this! Thank you!!!!!!!!!" - Rebecca (Sunshine Coast, QLND)


"I experienced a Mizan treatment with Barbara, and it was amazing!. After the session, I felt light, full of peace and completely harmonised.
Barbara is so very generous with her offering. A worthy experience for all women. So much gratitude to you lovely x x x" 
- Charlott (Mount Dandenong, VIC)


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About Barbara Ma-El (Womb Massage + Liquid Crystal Provider) I provide Mizan Therapy for Traditional Reproductive Healing that involves Gentle Abdominal + Womb Massage, Medical Medium Informed Nutriti...

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