Vanessa Campbell

192 Prospect rd
Prospect SA 5082


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I am a qualified herbalist and classified as a ‘Schedule 1 Practitioner’ certificated under the Therapeutic Goods Administration to dispense practitioner only products. I use a wide range of natural remedies to suit each individual and their presenting issues.

Wellnessa - Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

I have experience and have studied:

  • Flower remedies (Bailey, Bach, and Australian) and mostly through choice work with Bach Flowers.

  • Tissue salts and am constantly amazed by their effectiveness.

  • Crystal healing and the use of crystals and crystal/gem elixirs as required.

  • Astro palmistry which identifies any chakra blockages / imbalances in the palms.

What is Iridology?

Focusing on the ‘iris’ (the coloured part of the eye) provides an accurate and reliable diagnostic result – a virtual roadmap – for providing insight into the inner healing and underlying causes of imbalances and problems within the body.

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