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Treat what ails you the natural way, with the help of a professional Naturopathy Consultation or Treatment from Lane Cove Wellness Centre.

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Naturopathy is a broad area that has a distinctively natural approach to health and healing.

Its important to understand that naturopathy recognises the integrity of the whole person. Health and disease are conditions of the whole organism involving a complex interaction of physical, environmental and spiritual, mental, genetic, social , chemical and other factors.

What Does a Naturopath Do?

The physician must treat the whole person by taking all of these factors into account. The harmonious functioning of all aspects of the individual is essential to recovery from and prevention of disease, and requires a personalised and comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.

The physicians major role is to educate the patient to take responsibility for his or her own health. The physician is a catalyst for positive change leading to the patient becoming empowered and motivated to assume responsibility. It is you, the patient, and not the naturopath who ultimately accomplishes healing.

The ethos of the naturopath is first do no harm. Treatments are non-invasive and recognise that symptoms are the body's expression of a deeper illness and must not be ignored. Therapeutic actions should be complementary to and synergistic with this healing process. Therefore, methods designed to suppress symptoms without removing underlying causes are considered harmful and are only used in a deliberate and calculated manner.

Why Come & See A Naturopath?

Illness does not occur without cause. Underlying causes of disease must be discovered and removed before a person can recover completely from illness. Symptoms are expressions of the body's attempt to heal, but are not the cause of disease. Symptoms, therefore, should not be suppressed by treatment. Causes may occur on many levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The physician must evaluate fundamental underlying causes and direct treatment at root causes rather than surface symptoms.


An iridologist examines the density of the iris fibres, patterns, colours, structures and degrees of lightness and darkness to reveal if an area has potential for being strong or weak, irritated or has degeneration in the tissues or organs.

The complex iris has thousands of nerve endings that are connected through impulses to every tissue of the body through the brain and nervous system. The nerve fibers respond specifically to tissue and organ potential conditions with a corresponding reflex manifested in the iris as lacunae or colour variations.

Why Try Iridology?

The iris alerts us to potential early signs of imbalances in the body. It is then up to us to make changes in our life that can create positive results. This remarkable communication system in the iris gives a clear and complete picture of overall health potential and is a simple and painless way of obtaining that information. An iridologist observes the patterns found in the eyes and explains corresponding associations and guides natural therapies.

Nutritional Services

A nutritionist looks at the picture of your body's total nutrient intake in a wholistic manner. By that I mean that we are not only interested in the things that a dietitian likes to consider t also we view the functional performance of your cellular tissue.

Let me explain:

In order to convert lamb chops and lentils with rice to its smallest components and then into healthy tissue, your body needs live enzyme activity. These enzymes are catalysts that make it all happen. It is a poorly held fact that all enzymes need vitamins and minerals to make them work.

That means to you that few people will have complete enzyme activity as over 80% of people are deficient in one or more trace minerals in their daily diet. To make matters worse, most vitamin supplements don't cater for all of these deficiencies. To make it worse again, an imbalanced supplement can actually drive a deficiency into the wrong direction.

The bottom line is that the only answer is to supplement the daily diet with a correctly balanced formulation. Once we have restored sufficient reserves of trace elements, vitamins and fatty acids in your tissue reserves, only then will your cellular activity return to normal functioning and with it your health and energy profile (wellness).

Why Come & See a Nutritionist?

Why can't I just tell you what to do right now in order to hit your peak? The answer is that with over 100 essential nutrients to think about and thousands of enzymes that are activated by various combinations of them, the chances of me getting it right for you are quite small without more information.

We need to know all about what you eat, what aspects of your health are a concern , how long you've been feeling "off ", what you do every day, where you're placed in your personal space, which biological system is playing up, if your gut is dysbiotic and more. That's why we have developed a unique and comprehensive questionnaire system to give us all of this information in logical, concise sequence so that we can make some assessments on your behalf.

In the process, we may need to see you as well to conduct a full physical examination and to put together our subjective and objective assessments in order to be able to give you a full report. It's the difference between functional medicine and reactive medicine.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is the meeting place of the arts and the sciences and is the Nirvana of all seekers of wellness. It is the restoration to full functioning of your body's cellular tissue.

What Does Functional Medicine Do?

You see, if you are not well, it means that your body is not functioning 100%. You instinctively know that but it's usually almost impossible to communicate this to anybody, let alone a medico or naturopath. So what do you usually finish up with after a visit? Usually yet another prescription for medical prescriptions or maybe a bottle of herbs and some terrific advice such as keep an eye on it and if it doesn't improve in a few weeks (or whatever), make another appointment?. And that's about it. (You know, in a way I'm really jealous of those blokes - they know how to fill up waiting rooms real fast).

We call that reactive medicine, merely treating the symptoms and saying "Bye for now!".

Massage Treatments

Massage is a powerful tool designed to release the stress of daily living as well as treating specific muscular, tissue or skeletal issues. There are many types of massage available at the Lane Cove Wellness Centre. We have a variety of highly skilled, fully qualified male and female massage therapists.

Techniques On Offer:

We can offer:

  • Reiki
  • Deep Tissue
  • Remedial
  • Swedish
  • Shiatsu
  • Energy Healing
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Reflexology Massage

Feel Free to call us or Contact us via the 'Make an Enquiry' button to arrange a session with one of our therapists

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis

At Lane Cove Wellness Centre we do not rely solely on the orthodox battery of blood tests to assess an individual's health status. The body's homoeostatic mechanisms are designed to maintain blood levels of most factors within very narrow limits. The BIA can pick up issues well before some blood tests indicate problems. This gives us the flexibility where we can identify problems before they become serious.

About Our Programs

All programs at Lane Cove Wellness Centre incorporate the use of Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA). BIA is a sophisticated diagnostic tool that can detect when an individual begins the slow decline towards disease and can also detect when that trend is reversed. This allows us to implement a wellness program in the Zone of Preferred Intervention, as well as accurately monitor its success.

Why Get a BIA Assesment?

Regular BIA assessments can detect a shift from an anabolic state (when cell repair exceeds breakdown) to a catabolic state (when cell breakdown exceeds repair). This ability to detect very subtle shifts in cellular health makes it possible to "fine tune" our clients' diet and lifestyle modifications and maximise the effectiveness of their nutritional support.

BIA is the most reliable technique available to assess body composition, and allows easy monitoring of changes in lean muscle, fat and intra/extracellular water. BIA is inexpensive, non-invasive and painless (the test involves a brief application of electric current).

BIA takes approximately five minutes to administer.

How does it work?

You may have read in some of our stories about assessing your biological age. Well, in order to do this, we use a special unit that can take fascinating measurements of internal aspects of your body. No, this is not some spooky device that is on a par with a crystal ball. It is a scientifically-proven measureing instrument and it is used in hospitals in some European countries as part of their health assessment procedures - just like us.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


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