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Wellness Centre Wollongong - Barre Attack

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Wollongong’s premier and original Barre Studio. Our highly experienced, professional and qualified dancers are all Barre Attack certified teachers. A truly dynamic fusion of Ballet, Pilates and Fitness, it’s a fun, all body workout utilising classic Ballet Barre exercises that concentrate on those difficult to access problem areas – butt, legs, arms and thighs – making them toned, firm and strong. Barre Attack will help you to burn 500 calories per session, whilst you are also having fun!

Here at Wellness Centre Wollongong, classes are multi-levelled and specifically designed to challenge bodies of any age, fitness level or gender. Prior dance or Pilates experience is not required to experience the full benefits of Barre Attack, BarreFit & body Sculp classes You will feel more flexible, stronger and coordinated, and more like a real dancer with every session.  

The exercises conducted in Barre Attack & BarreFit can be modified for pregnant women, beginners and clients with injuries. They can also be progressed for experienced attendees and those seeking a larger challenge. The workouts lengthen, strengthen and stretch the entire body and help to develop a long and lean physique without putting on bulk.

    • Beginners Barre: Contrary to what many believe, barre is not  only for dancers. These classes are great for those wanting to start barre workouts and work up to the Barre attack and Barre Fitness classes.

    • Mums Barre: Our Mums’ Barre class is suitable for pregnant mums in their second and third trimesters, and then from six weeks after giving birth. Mums enjoy a full-body, ballet and Pilates workout at the ballet barre, to tone and lengthen the body and promote weight loss without building muscle bulk.

    • Barre Private: If you are looking to practice Barre Attack with a professional trained teacher, at a time that fits into your busy schedule, then Private Barre Classes could be the answer.

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