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Beginners Meditation Courses, Master Reiki Healing, CST, Sound Therapy (including Gong & Tibetan Singing Bowls)

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Our minds are constantly thinking about the past or what might occur in the future and of course we can’t change the past and we don’t know the future. By projecting our thoughts forward or backward we assist in the creation of patterns of fear, anxiety and worry based on – well, nothing really – just our habitual thoughts and imaginations. These thoughts and their associated emotions can interfere in your enjoyment of life right here and now and it’s what you do NOW that will be the foundation of your future. Learning some simple meditation methods can lead to immediate and highly effective benefits such as emotional balance, clearer thinking and improved sleep.

Meditation is a way to remain centred in the present moment with a clear uncluttered mind. This allows for an insight into the most effective way to act or respond to current situations and circumstances for the benefits of yourself and others. It is possible to empty your mind from distracting negative emotions and thoughts. It does take practice however you must first learn how.

    • Beginners Meditation and Mindfulness: Our courses will give you the skills you need to begin this journey of transformation helping you to become aware of YOUR thinking and emotional patterning and giving you the steps to bring about positive CHANGE.  

    • For the Workplace: Meditation classes are increasingly being welcomed by the corporate world. Companies like the Wellness Centre Wollongong specialize in delivering meditation at work either in-house or at a nearby Studio in work hours. Research has shown that with short periods of meditation each day, staff & management can be much more productive and promote much safer workplaces.

    • Anxiety & Depression Workshops: Do you suffer from symptoms of anxiety or depression? Would you like to learn new skills that may help you on your path? Our 6 week group Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression provides a safe space to learn new skills that will help you move forward.

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