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Wellness From Within

June Brown

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Wellness From Within

The EFT process helps you to get in contact with an old memory & related thoughts so that the emotions connected with that experience can be released.

Emotional Freedom Technique & EFT Tapping

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT?

EFT is intended to remove mental barriers in the body’s energy chain, which uses tapping with your fingers on acupuncture areas. Thousands of years theory that energy (chi) has to flow freely through the corporal meridians. Strategies such as tai chi, shiatsu, qi gong, are all aimed at keeping the energy articulate.

EFT includes taking the various points of acupuncture while also reminding and verbalising physical symptoms or negative memories in specific ways. This cycle lets you release your body's energy supply from life pressures or physical problems. This method has been shown to be effective and can be used first with an EFT instructor, then you can try to do this procedure yourself.

Ironically, our subconscious mind cannot know how much it occurs today, or whether it happened in the past, while we speak of a traumatic experience. All incidences are affected by the same chemical reactions. You will note how it changes the body once you know the painful memory and concentrate on it. Sometimes you may feel vulnerable or even ill. This is an indicator that this thing is occurring to your body.

What are the Success Rates in the Emotional Freedom Technique? 

As long as the procedure is performed with a trained and skilled practitioner, the performance level with this method is as high as about 95%. I am amazed by how good this strategy performs even personally.

I find that a lack of self-love is fundamental in most of the customers’ problems and has an influence on the way you act about most aspects of your life. Once you have been conscious, you will function to slowly change your confidence and emotions.

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