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This workshop helps couples to spend time in their daily lives reflecting on their partnerships.

Pre-Marriage Counselling & FOCCUS Australia Program

Servicing area

Mornington Peninsula

Focus areas

Soul development Trust issues Stress management Love Nurturing Natural medicine

What is the Pre-Marriage Counselling & FOCCUS Australia Program?

For many years FOCCUS Australia has had successful results over couples before marriage in Australia and elsewhere. FOCCUS is a help in preparing marriages which let couples read, appreciate and connect about all the things that are important in their partnership. 

The product assessment conducted by couples at the outset of FOCCUS is a self-diagnostic tool designed to help couples understand themselves more and the partnership between them. It is not a test nor intended to predict marriage if it’s going to fail or succeed. It is a resource to support partners in identifying and coping with marriage problems.

The FOCCUS inventory offers individualised guidance on the role of each spouse in areas of marriage significance. This is a chance: 

  • For couples to spend time together.
  • Find out more about you and your partner
  • To learn new relationship skills and to expand it
  • Identify the couple's forces and fields in their relationship, where they might have to spend time
  • Discussing their partnership desires 
  • Encourage couples to focus instead on their marriage
  • Permit couples to discuss some of their relationship's most vulnerable aspects
  • It is an investment in the couple's commitment

What are the 9 Tasks for Making the Marriage Work? 

  • Separation from the original family - moving into the relationship as ‘we’
  • Building unity and independence
  • Being parents
  • Facing the crisis–building a strong friendly relationship will help couples get through a crisis
  • Make conflict a safe place
  • Sexual love and privacy exploration
  • To share laughter and to keep interests alive
  • Furnishing emotional nutrition
  • Double vision preservation

The program will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete. This can vary from pair to pair depending on what is shown in the survey.

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Professional Membership

  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

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