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Servicing area: Newport, Western Suburbs, Buningyong & Ballarat

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  • Massage - Deep tissue, Relaxation, Combination, Energy Release

    102 North Road, Newport (cnr Home Rd), Victoria
    320 Learmonth St, Buninyong, Ballarat

    Services Information

    Deep Tissue
    Relaxation Combined with Deep Tissue
    Energy Release

  • Deep Tissue
    This form of massage gets deeper into the muscles tissue in order to relieve tightness and built up calcium deposits (knots) using trigger point therapy. It can treat complaints such as headaches, stiffness and chronic pain.

    Great for if you’ve been sitting at a desk in front of a computer, or on your feet all day.

  • Relaxation
    Relaxation massage supports those who are feeling stressed, run-down or just want to take a break from their busy lifestyle. Minimum time is an hour to give the body time to unwind.
    Take time out to rejuvenate yourself. You give a lot everyday, do something for YOU.

  • Relaxation Combined with Deep Tissue
    For those who like their muscles loosened but not too painful!
    Can be firm or gentle.

  • Energy Release
    Your body can store stress or suppressed emotions which causes the muscles to tighten. By releasing/unblocking this energy, the muscles naturally relax. Making it more effective than standard massage. I use this with all my massages when required.

    30 mins $50
    60 mins $80
    90 mins $120

    Reiki Healings

    Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy. It is a simple hands-on technique that promotes healing & spiritual development.

    Discover more of who you are!

    Reiki supports you in physical healing, emotional stability, letting go of past issues or emotional blocks, quietening the mind chatter, personal growth, increasing your happiness & self-confidence (empowerment) & developing your own intuitive skills.

    60 mins $85

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