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Tennielle Cockram

Mount Lawley Wellness on Beaufort

764 Beaufort St Mount Lawley WA 6050

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An exercise form that allows the body to flowfrom one movement pattern to the next

Mount Lawley Wellness on Beaufort - Movement Therapy Pilates

Servicing area

Mount Lawley, Western Australia

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Joy Tight muscles Movement patterns Lifestyle Fitness Shoulder pain

We are bound together by an intricate network of fascia. I see our skeleton floating in an incredibly intelligent, fluid, fascial matrix. The fascia connects one end of the body to the other and all the parts in between. So, in movement, the body has to function in movement patterns where muscles have individual and combined roles each blending into the next. Movement Therapy is an exercise form that allows the body to flow from one movement pattern to the next. The body is designed to move and needs to move for survival. Understanding how fascia, myofascial trains, and connective tissue and nervous tissue interacts, allows us to flow from one movement to the next, exploring the space around us and being mindful of our aims, goals and objectives simultaneously.

The aim of exercise is essentially to

  • mobilize joints
  • strengthen muscles
  • lengthen muscles and gain increased range of movement for all joints
  • learn balance and proprioception techniques
  • relax and de stress

We too, gain cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone and control our weight. The major point of difference in MT, is that we try never to isolate joints or muscles but rather to move and mobilize the body in its natural patterns of movement in many different combinations. MT is not prescriptive in that we believe in uniqueness and individuality. We take into account age, genetics, injury and emotional state of the individual. Use is made of different props ranging from chi balls and sticks, to physio balls, and theraband etc. The aim is always to use as many muscles as is possible in every movement we do. MT is fun and functional. Most importantly movement is the link and balance the body desires. i.e- Motion and E-motion. Yin and yang. Relax and contract . It is a journey of self discovery where ego and spirit are embraced.

Classes held Mondays at 11am, Tuesday and Thursday Nights 7pm
Private Health Rebate Available

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