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Choose the massage you want to relieve your stress, headaches, depression, and muscle pain.

Massage & Myotherapy for Injury, Stress & Metabolism

Regular treatment may improve performance, recovery of aid, injury prevention and elimination, lower stress, and even increase metabolism and circulation.


Myotherapy focuses on treating musculoskeletal pain, weakness and injury. A systematic physical assessment and integrated clinical strategy for the treatment of muscles, joints and nerves are included in myotherapy. A wide range of technology, including myofascial dry needling, cupping, massage and pain management methods, is needed to achieve this.

Ear Candling 

A soothing and stimulating ear candling is crafted with a natural and conventional technique to remove impurities in the ear. 

Hot Stone Massage 

Hot stones are used to warm and cure the muscle through a smooth massage series by dissolving tension and stress. 

Pregnancy Massage 

Cast down pressure and boost strength using gentle childbirth massage methods. Such help to maintain well-being, adjust to postural shifts and handle stress, tension, and more effectively. In order to maintain your comfort during the treatment, our therapists use a pregnancy cushion/pad and side laying position. 

Relaxation Massage

Give yourself a soothing and rejuvenating feeling with a cool, smooth massage that encourages deep relaxation. 

Remedial Massage 

Clear massage with specific movement and mobility methods to reduce stress, pain and anxiety. Depending on your personal preference and form of injury, the care can be strong or gentle.

Sports Massage 

Assist you to prepare for a sports occasion or to wind down. Pre-event massage is a more forceful massage to heat up the muscles to help prevent injuries. Massage after the event, with slower, and gentler techniques, is used on tension and toxin elimination. 

Therapeutic Massage

A deep and focused massage of the tissue to alleviate muscle pain to increase your health and well-being. 

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