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Wellsford Forest/Surya Room

Cheryl Floyd/Shilamurti

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About Cheryl Floyd/Shilamurti Cheryl has 39 years experience in yoga and has been teaching the Satyananda tradition of yoga for the past 18 in Bendigo. Now living back at the her retreat she conducts all her sessions beginners, progressive and intermediate classes in the Surya Room and Special Day Retreats and events at her Wellsford Forest Retreat. Cheryl teaches with holistic approach and has spent many years educating and empowering individuals. Her background is Holistic Healing, and Solution Oriented Counselling.

Cheryl Floyd/Shilamurti

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Yoga in the Satyananda Tradition - A Holistic Approach

What is YOGA?

The word ‘Yoga’ means ‘Union”. It is an ancient system that includes, physical postures - asana, breathing practices- pranayama, relaxation techniques – yoga nidra, meditation and mantra, all aimed at bringing balance (union) and health to body, mind and spirit.

Why do YOGA?

The practice of Yoga leads ultimately to increased calm, concentration and personal awareness bringing about greater health and wellbeing. These effects may be experienced as a greater sense of contentment and ability to go with the flow of life, a more balanced lifestyle, a happier home and more productive in the workplace

Who can do YOGA?

Anyone can benefit from Yoga. Yoga is practised at your own level of fitness and expertise with no competition with yourself or others. Yoga practitioners vary from school students to elderly people, may be male or female, sick or well, very fit or very unfit. There is no limitation on who can practise and benefit from Yoga. You are not expected to embrace any particular philosophy.

What to expect in a YOGA class

My Yoga classes are gentle and relaxing. You work at your own level and tune in to your intuition and the wisdom of your own body. Questions are encouraged.

What to bring to a YOGA class

  • or cushion, meditation stool (if you have one), blanket for warmth and a mat to lie or another blanket

  • loose comfortable clothes

Classes are conducted with the school term.

Surya Room/Wellsford Forest Retreat
73 Ellesmere Road
Wellsford Forest 3551

Course Information

Morning Session

Beginners sessions for those with none of little experience
6 weeks: Cost $96 - Concession $90
Tuesday: Time 9.30 am – 11am
Date: 5th February – 12th March

Morning Sessions for those with experienced
8 weeks: Cost $128 - Concession $120
Progressive: Friday Time 9.30am – 11am
Date: 1st February – 22nd March

Bookings Essential
Cost: $16 per session. Students who have attended 4 consecutive terms cost $15 Concession Casual $17. 50

Please follow map attached WFR and follow the signs
If you are unable to attend a morning session consider the Saturday morning programs

1st Saturday of the Month

General Yoga Sessions
Time: 9am – 11am Cost $20
2nd February - 2nd March

(Please let me know when you wish to attend all welcome)

3rd Saturday of the Month

Meditation & Mahamritynyjaya Mantra with Havan
Time: 9am – 11am Cost $20
16th February – 16th March

(if you wish to attend Havan $10 all welcome)

Special Yoga Events 2012

Autumn Equinox - Sunday March 24th
Winter Solstice - Sunday 23rd June

Website http://www.wellsfordforestretreat.com

Yoga Retreats

Special Yoga Events 2012

Winter Solstice Day Retreat – Sunday 24th June
more information posted soon


Autumn Equinox - Sunday March 24th
Winter Solstice - Sunday 23rd June

website http://www.wellsfordforestretreat.com