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Member since
May 2011

Yoga & Meditation St Ives Chase

Mobile 0418 108 779
Address 27 Awatea Rd
St Ives Chase NSW 2075
Servicing Areas St Ives Chase & surrounding suburbs
Teaching Yoga & Meditation for 25 years in peaceful surroundings at my home. All welcome 7pm Thursday Evening and 10am Thursday morning.


Qualified Yoga Instructor for 25 years. Classes include all facets of Yoga including relaxation techniques, Asanas to strengthen, relax and improve flexibility & strength, Pranayam (breath techniques) to remove blocks in the nadis (energy channels, balance left and right sides of the brain, detoxify the blood etc, Meditation to enhance a deeper awareness of body and mind, Kriyas to cleanse the physical body, Bandhas and Mudras. The student is progressed systematically via a System called Yoga in Daily Life. Concentration leading to Meditation included in all classes.

Qualification Details

SRN 1969: IYTA Yoga Teacher Training 1993/4, Yoga In Daily Life Teacher Training 1998 and 2002 + Training in India since 1994 visiting regularly to learn at the Vishwa Deep Gurukul Swami Maheshwarananda Ashram Education & Research Centre, Jadan, India

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