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Westside Osteopathy

Westside Osteopathy

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Our practitioners treat a broad range of people from the elite athlete to the couch potatoes as well as children and babies.

Westside Osteopathy - Osteopathy

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Overuse injuries Stiffness Joint pain Labour Pelvic pain Private health

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths are government registered practitioners of manual medicine. They undergo 5 years of training at University. Throughout this time curriculum provides them with knowledge and information relating to science, medicine and osteopathy where the concentrate on the inter-relationship between the structure and the functioning of the human body both in disease and health.

Osteopaths concentrate on the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders and the effects of these on the client’s overall wellbeing.

Osteopaths consider that efficient and effective movement of all body tissues and structures contribute to health by improving the body’s self-repair mechanisms. If movement is restored, communication between different parts will become more efficient, enhanced circulation and drainage improved, irritating signals are reduced and the body’s immune and homeostatic mechanisms can work more effectively, thereby restoring health and improved function.

How we treat?

Osteopaths take pride in skilfully utilising a range of methods in conjunction with current medical testing procedures to provide the highest possible standard of care. Some of the manual methods that are utilised include; stretching, manipulation and other gentle joint release techniques. As no two individuals are the same, osteopaths will customise these methods to each client and their presenting issue. Postural and exercise advice are also provided.

Treatment will be made up of a variety of Osteopathic manual approaches;

  • Soft tissue techniques

  • Manipulation

  • Osteopathy in the cranial field

  • Articulation

  • Myofascial release

  • Counterstrain

  • Functional

  • Muscle energy techniques

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