White Raven Healing

Paulien Gort

North Narrabeen 2101

Servicing area: Northern Beaches

Sound Healing and ThetaHealing.

White Raven Healing - Paulien Gort


My spiritual path started after I learned Transcendental Meditation in 1999 in my native Holland. I was very surprised to notice that I suddenly felt so much better by just meditating every day! Things that I took for granted about myself, like being usually on the sombre side, feeling stressed, having a foggy mind and being stuck in negative patterns, suddenly started changing themselves. I began to feel a lot more positive about life, felt a lot clearer in my head, which I especially noticed during work meetings. I also noticed that my intuition became a lot stronger. I would have never thought that simply by meditating every day I could change all these things, things that I thought could only be changed by seeing therapist for a period of time. Needless to say that I continued meditating ever since, even becoming a qualified Dru Meditation teacher.
My healing path started after a visit to the spiritual community of Findhorn in Scotland. I returned feeling wonderful and full of light. Within hours of telling about my experiences all that beautiful light was gone and I was feeling ‘normal’ again. This wasn’t the first time that this happened - being a very sensitive person I was easily influenced by other people’s energies and opinions. This brought me on the path of Aura & Chakra Healing where I learned how to protect myself from negative energies and also how to use healing energy for healing myself and others.
This really got me started! I began giving healings to friends and family, after learning Quantum-Touch, an amazing modality to heal physical and emotional pain. A trip to Hawaii where I met my totem animal Humpback Whale, sparked my interest in shamanism. This resulted in attending a Shamanic Healing training with 6 different shamans from around the world.
Meanwhile I did a Primal/Rebirth training for my own personal development. A huge shift occurred after a Family Constellations weekend. My world turned around a 180 degrees and from then on I really felt like a new person: I now was trusting the future, felt very positive about life, felt a lot of inner strength and was able to stay this way.
In 2007 I moved to Australia and continued to learn more modalities. I learned ThetaHealing and became a Family Constellations facilitator.
When my financial/admin positions in contemporary classical music changed into positions I didn’t fancy, I felt this gentle nudge of the universe telling me to get more serious about giving healings to people and open my own practice. Since then I moved to North Narrabeen where I have a beautiful healing space looking out over the bush. I officially opened White Raven Healing and now work as an Energetic Healer, run regular Family Constellation Workshops and Meditation classes. This is the most rewarding ‘work’ I have ever done, leaving me filled with gratitude and joy being able to be of service!

My sessions will be tailored to your needs using Systemic/Family Constellations, ThetaHealing, Quantum-Touch, Quantum-Allergy, Shamanic Healing and Aura & Chakra Healing.


Paulien Gort is a member of IICT.

White Raven Healing is located in North Narrabeen on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

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