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White Raven Healing

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Sound Healing and Family Constellations.

White Raven Healing - Sound Healing and ThetaHealing

Servicing area

Northern Beaches, Australia-wide Online Consultation

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Pain relief Relaxation Insomnia Depression Recurring patterns

Go through life with ease!
Do you want to feel happier and more balanced?

Book a session with Paulien to support you with:

  • releasing old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • rebalancing
  • pain relief
  • de-stressing
  • allergy clearing
  • depression/anxiety
  • anger
  • releasing limiting emotions
  • improving family relationships
  • connect with your power animal
  • soul retrieval
  • guidance in your life

She will tailor sessions to your specific needs drawing from a variety of healing modalities.

Upcoming Events

Lion's Gate Sound Bath
8th August 
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Full Day Family Constellation Workshop
4th September
North Narrabeen
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Healing modalities

Sound Healing
Quantum-Touch I and II
Aura and chakra healing
Family Constellations
Shamanic Healing


Sound Healing
Deeply relaxing, revitalizes and brings body back into balance.

Many forms of Sound Healing have been used by ancient cultures all over the world. They used drumming to get into an altered state of awareness to contact the spirit world in order to heal a tribe member. They danced themselves into a trance to receive guidance from spirit about what action to take about different issues concerning their tribe.

In Australia the didgeridoo or yidaki has been used for healing for about 40,000 years.

How does it work?

We don't exactly know how sound heals the body but we do know that every cell in the body is vibrating at a certain frequency = sound. We also know that the lower the frequency becomes in your body, the more susceptible you will become to illness.

During a Sound Healing session or Sound Bath the different frequencies of the various instruments will penetrate all the cells of your body and will start raising their frequency. Making viruses and bacteria harmless.

Our body has the natural tendency to start resonating with the same frequencies that are offered during a Sound Bath. I have two Alchemy Crystal Bowls that are made of very pure Quartz Crystal that both have a very high frequency. They have a beautiful clear sound and are very uplifting. Also the gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls are known for their high vibration.
Masaru Emoto has shown us that water crystals will form beautiful symmetric patterns when they come into contact with beautiful music or positive words. Imagine what happens within your body when you are surrounded by beautiful sounds, realising that we consist of 70% water!


During a Sound Bath/Healing you will become totally relaxed on a very deep level. Your body starts to heal itself helped by all these higher frequencies generated by the different instruments and my voice, removing stagnant energy and allowing muscles to relax.

Research has shown that a Sound Healing stimulates the production of nitric oxide, a chemical that helps to balance your immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation and improves your sleep quality.

These are just a few examples of what a Sound Healing can do. Having a specific intention of what you would like to get out of the session will be very beneficial. Jonathan Goldman, one of the Sound Healing pioneers has found out that Sound + Intention = Healing.

My journey with sound

In 2006 I had an important vision at the end of my Shamanic Healing training that showed me that it is important for me to start using my voice. This happened when I started to make some sounds during one of our last shamanic journey's, I suddenly saw a circle of people telling me: "Finally you are using your voice!". Having a blocked throat chakra it took me quite some time and a lot of healing work to get to the point that I could start following up on this vision and now that I have stepped into this, there is nothing that brings me more pleasure and fulfillment than using my own voice!

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Releases old patterns and limiting beliefs in your life and work, clears trauma and heals deep emotional and physical issues.

With ThetaHealing you can easily identify the limiting beliefs that keep you from living the life that you truly want. We are all influenced by the environment we grew up in, our friends, society. All these influences create beliefs that are still determining the way we live subconsciously. ThetaHealing can find these beliefs and change them instantly by reprogramming the subconscious mind while you are in a Theta state, the state of the brain during deep meditation.

During a ThetaHealing session we both go into a Theta state where it is easy to change limiting beliefs. Once these beliefs are removed new positive feelings and beliefs can be taught to replace the old ones. This way you can create better relationships, a more fulfilling life or a more successful business. By reprogramming the subconscious you can boost your self esteem and confidence and create the life you want.

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Shamanic Healing
Connect with your power animals or guides.

During a Shamanic Healing I can use a lot of different tools like the shaman’s drum, Tibetan singing bowls, rattle to enter an altered state of being.

I'm offering Soul Retrievals to bring back lost soul parts. When you've had a traumatic experience, parts of your soul will split off and you will feel less complete and balanced. With a soul retrieval I can retrieve those parts for you making you feel more whole. I will do this by contacting a power animal to guide me while drumming.

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Quantum-Touch I and II
Restores the flow of energy, relieves pain, realigns bones, trauma relief.

“Getting a Quantum-Touch healing is like being in a wonderful bath of energy with often surprising results.“

Quantum-Touch works with our Life Force Energy to heal the body by combining various breathing and body awareness practices. Amplifying and directing this energy gives amazing results for a variety of issues. Quantum-Touch works with the body’s own intelligence to heal itself. Your body will guide the energy to where it is most needed, providing relief within a short time.

There is an unlimited range of issues Quantum-Touch can be applied to. Common ones are: physical issues like reducing pain or inflammation, realigning structures, scoliosis, balancing organs, healing injuries, high blood pressure, but also emotional issues and trauma.

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Aura and chakra healing
Balances your energy systems so you feel more balanced, relaxed, energised and grounded.

This type of session will involve mostly a hands-off healing during which I will scan your aura and chakras or any imbalances and then rebalance them again by moving my hands around you. I can also receive information that is stored in your aura and messages from guides.

If you’re feeling stressed, unfocused or unbalanced, this is a good treatment for you.

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Brings comfort and relief by getting rid of allergies.

This modality is only taught in Holland and I am the only one practicing it in Australia. It is a combination of Quantum- Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).

With Quantum Allergy you can get rid of your allergies or diminish your reaction to them in a very simple way. People are generally not aware that a lot of illnesses are caused by allergies. If you have headaches, feel tired without any apparent reason, or if you sneeze a lot (to name just a few), you might want to have yourself checked on allergies. Also if you have any persistent issue that you don’t seem to get rid of, we can find out if an allergy is at the base of it.

With Quantum Allergy the body will be reprogrammed and no longer react to the allergen.

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De-stress and meditate with ease.

Would you like to boost your spiritual development?

There's nothing like meditation to assist you on your path towards spiritual growth. A regular meditation practice will peel layer after layer bringing you closer to your soul, to your True Self.

There are many reasons for meditating regularly:

  • become less stressed and more peaceful
  • boost your immune system
  • stay healthier
  • your quality of life improves (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
  • have an increased clarity of mind
  • increased will-power and stamina
  • an increased ability to concentrate
  • helps to develop your intuition and creativity
  • becoming less reactive and more open

Paulien has maintained a regular meditation practice for about twenty years and is a qualified Dru Meditation Teacher. Dru Meditation has a structured approach which involves gentle yoga postures to release blocked energy and a deep relaxation before sitting in a silent meditation.
Since the last few years she has been involved in different programs of spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton of Integral Enlightenment. She finds his approach of non-dual meditation very helpful. This technique will help you to train your mind and will help you to experience your True Nature without being distracted by thoughts or feelings. By engaging with this practice regularly, it will become easier to stay in touch with your meditative state throughout your day. You will make decisions from a deeper place of wisdom and will start to engage with the world in a new way.

Paulien offers also private meditation sessions tailored to your needs, drawing upon her wealth of experience with different techniques.


“It is easy to surrender to the discreet yet supportive guidance from Paulien. I enjoyed the unfolding of the meditation class in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. A sense of peace when leaving and the joy of reaping the benefits of meditation as I watched everything falling into place during the rest of the day.”

“Lately I have been going to a series of meditation lessons organised by White Raven Healing. At the time I was going through a pressured period and really wanted to find a structured way to work on my body and spirit. The classes were very helpful to me as they offered a combination of relaxation exercises as well as meditation. This approach really helped me to become more balanced and already after a few classes my shoulder and neck pain had disappeared! I would really like to recommend Paulien to anyone who is looking to learn more about meditation, practice meditation as well as to get help with releasing stress and better connecting with your body”.

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White Raven Healing is located in North Narrabeen on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.


Qualification details

  • Sound Healing
  • Family Constellations
  • Theta Healing (Basic, Advanced, Intuitive Anatomy and Rhythm to a Perfect Weight)
  • Shamanic Healing (Soul Retrieval)
  • Quantum-Touch level I and II
  • Quantum-Allergy
  • Aura and Chakra Healing
  • Dru Meditation


  • allergy testing/treatments

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7 Services

Family/systemic Constellations

Family Constellation
$110 Per hour

Reveals hidden dynamics within your family and resolves them, offering profound healing and insight, shifting perspectives on your family, yourself, that what has been blocking you, feeling free from limitations.

Family/systemic Constellations online

Family Constellation Online
$110 Per hour

Reveals and resolves hidden dynamics within your family, offering profound healing and insight, shifting perspectives on your family, yourself, that what has been blocking you, feeling free from limitations.

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