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Whole Nourished Soul

Agnesa Simcic

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Accredited Nutritionist, Yoga Facilitator

Remember that health is our natural state - and it's within your reach. We all have the power to improve our health, no matter where we start. We just need to start.

You already have. Let's keep going...

Whole Nourished Soul


My mission...

We've been hoodwinked into believing that sickness and disease is a normal part of life. We almost expect to get sick, especially as we age.

"My mission is to remind people that health is our natural state. It's totally achievable, and we all have the power to improve our own health, no matter where we start. We just need to believe. And to start." 

My journey...

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer, a teacher or a psychologist, in that order. Fast forward to now, and here I am - writing, teaching and counseling people about food, health and lifestyle.

Pre-motherhood, I was lucky to be educated in fields I love worked in  some awesome jobs. On the side, I explored food, wellness and natural health. I spent years trying, testing, making, doing, playing, observing and absorbing. Mostly, to heal my own health issues.

From a childhood entrenched in Italian food and culture, to teen years of fad dieting, self-doubt and anxiety, a career in health marketing and communications, through marriage, motherhood and a few meltdowns here and there, I think I've finally found my feet.

Through all this, I followed my heart and my passion. For more than 10 years I practised yoga and delved into food, nutrition and wellness in every way I could. In the last five years, I made it formal, qualifying first as a yoga teacher, then as a Food Coach and Clinical Nutritionist.

Now I find myself here, having circled all the way back to what I imagined as a wide-eyed child. Ready to teach, share and counsel, with all I've learned and all I'm yet to learn, for the benefit of your health and mine. Let the fun begin!



Are you often tired? Do you wake up feeling blah? Easily stressed or overwhelmed? Do you have a niggling health issue you want to kick, or something bigger you've been ignoring? Food may be your medicine.

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I'll look at your health concerns in reference to your diet, lifestyle and environment. I look for excess or deficiencies that may be affecting healthy function in your body systems, and use food and nutrients to improve function, reduce symptoms and bring balance to those areas. Nutritional Medicine is an evidence-based, natural and personal approach to long-term health. Start your journey with me today!



Yoga is a place to move your body and calm your mind, to lose yourself, and find yourself.

In the process you nourish, strengthen and maintain every muscle, organ and cell in your body. Who wouldn't want that?




Make healthy your habit! Interactive health and wellness workshops are a fun way for friends, families and colleagues to learn about health and build healthy networks. Because good health is what makes the world go round.

Health & Wellness workshops can be booked at any time for private groups of 6 - 20 people.

Your group may be a bunch of friends, club or team members, a school group, mother's group, employees, clients or other members of your business or personal community. In most cases, I can bring the workshop to you.  

Workshops and events are also held at various locations throughout the year - See my Events page for What's On now.

Let's Talk! Book an appointment, ask me a question or just let me know how I can help you. Chat soon.

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