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Learn an ancient technique to boost your spiritual growth and attainment of higher consciousness. Or the real way to 'Mindfulness', the practical benefits of meditation. 

Meditation & Mindfulness

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Meditation isn't just about relaxation and minimising mental chatter, both are natural by products. I have been meditating for nearly 20 years. I have practiced different types through out the years. Vajrayana meditation, Vipassana, Pranayama, visualisation based, sound etc. Each one has it's purpose. However, now I stick to the Golden Flower technique which is has been orally transmitted for centuries until it was written down on wooden blocks in the 8th century.

Carl Yung practiced this technique and said it was a way to unite the unconscious mind with the conscious. That's how you attain awareness, or 'mindfulness' however the latter is an improper translation of the word Sati which really translates as heartmind. Since the goal is to harmonise emotions and clarify the mind, unite heart and mind. 

This technique is for those seeking englightenment, higher levels of awareness and self actualisation in a spiritual sense.

For those seeking Mindfulness, more the practical benefits of meditation rather than the spiritual. 

When I was 19 years old, 14 years ago, I thought about writing a letter to schools about teahings the kids meditation. I thought what term would suite the mainstream public, I figured 'mindfulness excercise'. Now mindfulness is a mega trend. However, it is not about being 'mindful'. 

Learn the actual process of attaining 'mindfullness' which is poor translation of the word Sati, or in Chinese Nian. A pictogram consisting of a character for mind on top and heart on the bottom. Hence the proper translation would be awareness, or heartmind. Since we gain awareness when our emotions are harmonious and mind is clear, when your heart and mind are one.

We will use basic technqiues for you to master your mind rather than be its slave and flow with emotions rather than sink in turbulent waters. 

For those on the spiritual path achieve (over time):


Light Implosion

Self Actualisation & Awareness.

Clear Mind & Emotional harmony.

Rewire the brain from old patterns.

Compassion for Self and others.

Transcend the mundane world of fear, survival and suffering.

Life of Higher Meaning & Purpose.


The general benefits of Meditation/Mindfulness:

Clear Mind & Emotional harmony.


Balanced hemispheres

Heightened creativity


Less stress, anxiety and worry

Improve sleep


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The Healing Begins

$350 Per course

Most of our daily life is subconsciously influenced. Influencing our thoughts, feelings and actions. We might have the same issues in relationships, financial issues, health problems, unhealthy diets, substance abuse, irrational fears, repetitive blocks

The Soul Awakens

$600 Per course

Awaken your Soul and shine your light. Live your higher purpose, your passions. Develop self love and self empowerment. Uncover or develop your spiritual gifts. To do so we must first heal our 3D parts; the mental, emotional and physical level. Then we


  • Medical Qigong Certificate (Master Level Healing)
  • Professional Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Serenity Vibration and Enlightenment Technique
  • Advanced Geomancy Practitioner