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My name is Marcia, the Shamanic Yogini behind Wild Lotus Spirit Healing.

Wild Lotus Spirit Healing

Hello and welcome!

​I believe life is a creation to be celebrated, and we are here to help co-create that. We have a natural flow of life energy that moves through us, sometimes this gets stuck. Stuck due to trauma, patterns of belief, society/family and cultural expectations, even past life energies.

When we are balanced, whole and living in harmony with our highest self in body, mind and spirit, there is no end to our possibilities. We live in the truest expression of who we are as compassionate, loving beings.

​Take responsibility for your self, your healing and awaken to who you truely are. Let go of your stories and live life with freedom and integrity. Unstick yourself!

My Story

I'm Human. I love, I fall and I pick myself back up again.

In the last couple of years I've learnt to fall gracefully. And in fact to turn that 'falling' into leaping out into the unknown, trusting in my experiences and refining my response to life.

How have I done this? A lot of inner work, a willingness to admit I wasn't living life as the person I felt inside and the courage to take a step in another direction. Admitting you are not right is not an easy thing to do.

​Personal development and social un-conditioning through practices and trainings in Yoga, Shamanism, Sound healing, Body Massage, Energy Healing, Reiki and Meditation, I've come to understand myself.

I am a being, present to existence through a human experience. I am creative and I am creation. What I express through my being in my art, music, dance, healing and teaching is unique to me and my filters through my life's experiences. I am also a part of the whole cosmic universal energy that is weaving its way through each of us. We are all one part of the macrocosm existing in our microcosmic worlds

Healing our selves helps to heal humanity. Raising humanities consciousness one being at a time. But what does this mean? 'To heal ourselves, to awaken, become aware'. For me it means this; We heal from the separation to source, from the belief that we are all alone in this world. We heal from the stories and traumas experienced in our life/lifetimes when we start to become aware of ourselves. Aware of the habits, patterns, beliefs and conditioned, automatic ways of thinking. That which has been engineered, engrained and institutionalised within us since pre-conception. When you are awake to the systems around you; cultural, social, politcal; and how they have shaped and continue to shape your decisions, you can begin to strip away the layers, be aware of your self as an energetic, emotional, creative being and come to know the truth of yourself.

Where ever this leads you may it be a place filled with love, kindness, clarity and integrity, to live your life as you choose because you have chosen. Not because you were lead there by the chains attached to the ring through your nose.

Peace, Love and Light always

SatNam, Namaste, Aho

In Lak'ech Ala K'in

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