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Mark Robinson

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Mark Robinson is a highly skilled EFT Practitioner [Level 3]. 

Mark Robinson EFT Practitioner [Free Session]



Welcome to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Many Doctors, Nurses, Therapists and Mental Health Professionals now recommend EFT for overcoming performance and some health related issues. It has proven itself successful in many scientific studies.

Over the last 15 years it has gained a popularity with millions of people worldwide.

I have had great success helping people with EFT. I work with people from around the world via telephone or Skype and also do face to face sessions for people that live in Sydney.

For me to be willing to work with you, I need you to be well rested and not under the influence of alcohol.

Mark Robinson is a highly skilled EFT Practitioner.

He is also a full member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists. Mark is a Level 3 EFT practitioner with over 10 years experience, working with individuals to help free them from limiting beliefs and to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

He works with individuals on a one-one basis, runs EFT groups and seminars. Mark also works actively to promote the public awareness of EFT and its benefits. Mark has a natural passion for personal development and has spent his life deepening his understanding of human nature and its vast possibilities. Combining this lifelong passion, he incorporates his understanding of EFT, behavioural change, and various healing modalities, he has the experience and the tools in his Therapist’s Toolbox to help life feel better!

Mark regularly facilitates meetings for people interested in improving their lives through positive thinking. Currently this group has in excess of 400 members. Mark has what it takes to help people produce lasting change.


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Mark Robinson EFT Practitioner