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Willow Therapy Farm

Debbie Rowberry

Sydney NSW 2000

Servicing area: Based in Auckland NZ, offers services Australia and Worldwide via online consults

Willow Therapy Farm

Emotion Regulation Therapy for children, increases emotion resilience. Whether your child suffers from anxiety or is behaviourally challenging, this On-line programme teaches children how to change their states of being. Parental training is also provided. Developed and facilitated by Debbie Rowberry, Child Therapist, the programme aims to teach both child and parents strategies to address lifes challenges.

Child Emotion Regulation Therapy & Emotion Education Programmes

Emotion Regulation Therapy for Children

Willow Therapy Farm in Auckland NZ provides Child Emotion Regulation Therapy and other Emotion Education Programmes, which have been proven effective by science in addressing behavioural problems in children.

Debbie’s research in these areas led to the creation of her Emotion Regulation Therapy which targets emotional strength. It utilises sensory information to teach children how to downplay the effects of unhealthy emotions.

During therapy, children are walked through various techniques that can help reduce the effect of unproductive thoughts. Emotion Regulation Therapy is ideal for children who are struggling with extreme anxiety. It evaluates the emotional state of a child in different environments, such as their school and home, and then it teaches them how to counterbalance the emotional disturbances they experience in these places. 

Parental Coaching - New Generation Children

Does your child have an increased sensitivity to sound or other objects in his surroundings? If so, they may be ultra-sensitive to injustice or inhumanity.

New Generation Children are delicate beings and more susceptible to getting frustrated easily by irritation, tone modifications and other little things. 

Through Parent Coaching, parents of New Generation Children are taught how to be more impartial and supportive to the needs of their child. This weekly programme is held through Skype.

Emotion Education Programmes for Schools

Back in 2011, Debbie developed a school-based emotion I.Q. programme for children in primary school. Children with emotional and behavioural issues were made to join the pilot programme, which is designed to increase the emotion regulation skills and overall wellbeing of the participants.

After the therapy session, the children that were selected showed a big improvement in their behaviour. Debbie went on to create other social and emotional learning programmes for students in different grades. All of which were built upon the framework of her first emotional I.Q. programme.  

Willow SEL Programme

This is another program designed for schools. Its main objective is to improve the emotion regulation and social skills of participating students.

Aside from receiving emotional support from our therapy horses, dogs and peaceful environment, students will be equipped with emotion regulation tools. A support module will be endorsed to the teacher so that they can guide their students through various emotion regulation techniques.

This 5-week programme aims to help each child understand not only their emotional reactions, but also their peers’. The tools which are provided to the students will teach them how to prevent the build-up of a negative emotion and foster healthy relationships with others.

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Debbie has developed theraputic animations to aid in her Emotion Regulation Therapy programme for children.