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Lismore, Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Ballina, Alstonville, Bangalow, Mullumbimby, Tweed, New South Wales

Focus areas

Weight management Chronic pain Fluid retention Memory Lymphatic system Intolerance


Our services and treatments include;












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Iridology allows us to see what specific treatments are required for each client to clear whatever the problem they have come in with. Each person will require a different treatment even if they have the same "disease".
This iris shows a strong tendency to inflammatory conditions especially in the gut and lymphatic congestion. Stimulating the lymph flow with herbs and massage and a few food eliminations were able to clear the clients allergic reactions.



We have a very successful track record in treating difficult to resolve skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections and even some conditions the doctor couldn't name.

We hand craft ointments from scratch using the best quality essential oils and herbs with no fillers, preservatives or inactive ingredients. Then we tailor make an ointment specific for the client.


This is a finger-prick blood test which assesses the body's immune response to 96 foods. An "intolerance" is a delayed hypersensitivity reaction which is why it can be difficult to identify with elimination diets.

A colour chart gives degree of reactivity to a particular food, some need to be avoided all together, while small amounts of other foods may be tolerated.

Conditions related to food intolerance include eczema, asthma, IBS, hayfever, migraines, acne, depression and behavioural problems.


DORN SPINAL THERAPY- gently corrects misalignments of the spine and other joints, helps with sciatica, scoliosis, hip problems and migraines.

ACUPRESSURE - This uses the same meridians and points as in acupuncture but manual pressure is applied instead of needles. This treatment releases energy blockages allowing not only muscle tension and inflammations to resolve but improving the overall functioning of the body.
It is a unique experience and health benefits such as increased energy and even weight loss have been reported.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - Stimulates the flow of the lymphatic system reducing fluid retention anywhere in the body. It can assist in healing injuries and is a must where lymph nodes have been removed such as post-cancer.
It is useful to ENHANCE WEIGHT LOSS, reduce the appearence of CELLULITE and support detoxfication programs.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - works on deeper structures, ligaments and connective tissue to relieve pain and improve flexibility.

CHRONIC PAIN - Peter's unique combination of manual therapies is extraordinary for reducing pain and medication use and fixing unresolved injuries, even when other therapies haven't worked. That's why we call him "magic hands".

PREGNANCY MASSAGE - Safe at any stage of pregnancy, usually performed in the side-lying or seated position as these have been shown to put the least pressure on the abdomen.

DORN SPINAL THERAPY - This treatment corrects misalignment of the spine and other joints with a non-manipulative approach. It helps with all types of neck and back pains including sciatica, migraines, scoliosis and hip problems.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY - Works on the membrane system which surrounds the nervous system. It is a very gentle therapy with profound results, excellent for eliminating chronic pain syndromes and "resetting" muscle memory.
Especially effective for vertigo, tinnitus, scoliosis, plantar fasciitis (heel spurs) and TMJ problems.

REFLEXOLOGY - Treat problems in the body via stimulation of reflex points in the feet and ankels. When body systems are underfunctioning or inflamed, crystals build up in the reflex points at the feet. Clearing these restores nerve signals and function to the affected area. A very grounding and relaxing treatment.


We are an Apothecary in the true sense of the word meaning we compound and dispense medicines, including personalised formulas. We use organic herbs, vitamins and other neutraceuticals to compound our own range of supplements. We create capsules and powders for individuals and specific conditions.

Our range includes -

herbal capsules, tinctures and powder blends
vitamin and mineral powder blends
topical treatments

There are three reasons we started compounding. The first was that sometimes in order to use all the herbs and nutraceuticals we wanted to prescribe, four or five products would have to be used. This is prohibitive both in cost and compliance.
In most cases we are able to blend all the ingredients we require into one formula.

The second is excipients; non-therapeutic substances that are necessary for the ease of manufacture, formation or preservation of a supplement.
Our medicines contain ZERO fillers or additives which are frequently allergenic, ZERO lubricants such as magnesium stearate which actually blocks absorption of supplements by up to 80% and ZERO acrylic which coats tablets and some gel caps for ease of swallowing.

The third reason is cost. When you purchase a supplement there are a lot of people you pay. The farmer/manufacturer of the raw material, the companies who manufacture the product, the warehouse that distributes the products, the shop where you purchased the product - there are a lot of middle men in the production and distribution of supplements. In order to produce a cheap supplement a lot of corners are cut in quality, in order to produce a quality supplement there is usually a higher price to pay.

By compounding our own supplements we are able to eliminate most of the middle men resulting in high quality supplements at affordable prices.


It is possible to run your car on three cylinders but the performance just isn't there. The same can be said for the body.

Regular pathology tests from the doctor test for presence or absence of disease, these are useful but do not tell the whole story.
It is very common for the body to be underfunctioning in some way leading to feeling unwell or not right when the blood tests show that there is "nothing wrong". This is a very common scenario in our clinic.

Functional testing is more sensitive and tests for how well or not an organ or body system is performing. For example, an underfunctioning liver will make you feel unwell long before it shows up in a basic Liver Funciton Test (which is actually testing for liver damage).

By discovering these problems before they develop, you can avoid the trauma and treat disease before it develops.

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Bachelor of Naturopathy (Southern Cross University)

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