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Hair and Diet Analysis
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Feb 2009

Wisdom For Health

Phone 08 9367 2141
Address 137 Coode St
Como WA 6152
Fax 08 9367 2403
Wisdom For Health's Naturopath, Philip Bridgeman has 25 years experience in Clinical Diet Analysis and Hair Mineral Analysis. If you'd like to get to the bottom of your health concerns, call Wisdom For Health and chat about your needs.

Wisdom For Health - Hair and Diet Analysis

Diet Analysis

Philip Bridgeman uses his 25 years empirical experience and knowledge to clinically analyse diets. This extensive experience enables Philip to help you achieve your goal of living a healthier, longer life.

Your diet is the foundation of your current and future health and the most effective weapon in your arsenal for overcoming disease and living a longer, healthier life.

Much-like a weapon, food is able to be used for, or against you. When you undertake a diet analysis with Phillip, you can be sure that you’re doing the best thing for your body.

The majority of all illness is caused (or in some way linked) by the things you do or don’t eat, which is why most people need their diets checked, even if they ‘think’ they’re eating well.

Would you like to know whether your eating habits are doing you harm or good?

Find out - for only $19.99

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Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA)

Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) is a safe, non-invasive test that examines the levels and ratios of nutrients and toxic metals found in the hair. Your hair sample is processed by a licensed clinical laboratory using a series of chemical and high temperature processes. HMA is an excellent screening tool, offering access to reliable data relating to more than 30 nutrient and toxic minerals and 20+ mineral ratios, offering you a level of information not often revealed using standard blood and urine tests. Hair Mineral Analysis is not to be confused with the New Age technique, which some practitioners perform, using a pendulum.

God has designed us to need minerals for optimum health.

Minerals are imperative for growth, healing, vitality and wellbeing. They offer our bones and teeth structural support, and maintain the body’s pH and water balance, nerve activity, muscle contractions, energy production and enzyme reactions.

In an ideal world, we would receive all the minerals required for good health from a balanced diet, but often this is not the reality. Depleted soils bring about a reduction of the mineral content of foods and environmental pollutants, chemical additives and modern lifestyles are also to the detriment of our nutritional status. As an example, stress depletes magnesium and B vitamins (plus C) so quickly that it is almost impossible to consume enough food to replace the depleted minerals.

Visit Wisdom for Health’s website to learn more and book your Hair Mineral Analysis today!


Do you have further questions about Wisdom for Health’s Diet Analysis or Hair Mineral Analysis? Call or click on the ‘Make an Enquiry’ button below to make contact.

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