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Our aim is to get you clear, connected and empower you to own your own journey.

Wisdom Within

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Joy Wellness Healing art Nurturing Energy clearing Love

About Us

Helping you find, use & grow your wisdom within.

Welcome to Wisdom Within.

Our aim is to get you clear, connected and empower you to own your own journey. We are helpers along the way.

Wisdom Within links you to practitioners, events and services that help you find, grow and use your wisdom within.

Wisdom Within is an online community platform showcasing wisdom teachers that can help guide seekers into their self-knowing.

Wisdom Within showcases and gives you access to skilled practitioners who walk their talk and motivate you to create your soul supporting life that you will love.

At Wisdom Within we are all multi-skilled with a kit bag of modalities, we pick the most suitable for you to help you feel better, more balanced and assist you to move forward.

All our practitioners have over 10 years experience in coaching, the healing arts and helping people navigate through change.

Join a community that believes you can do it – you can consciously create your life.

Wisdom Within is dedicated and passionate about helping people to find their wisdom within so their natural brilliance may shine – Abundant, whole and free.

We present practitioners and events that:

  • Give you skills and tools to build your inner shrine to shine.

  • Nurture your inner wisdom by learning modalities helping you listen and align to your joy!

  • Provide support groups to practice, connect with like-minded seekers and keep on track.

Monique McNamara
Clarity Coach & Wisdom Within Practitioner

Are you looking for support with current challenges?

I specialize in assisting you get clear in times of transition, transformation and change.

I take a strength based approach to healing and to support you through change and transformation. I do not believe you need to be ‘fixed’ you are whole right now and we are all on a journey of growth, change and evolution. I know you have all the answers within to lead the empowered life you want to live. Together we go on an exploration to find a pathway forward and through.

I am one of those lucky left (strategic) and right (creative) brainers – there is nothing too big, weird or strange, yet I’m also ok getting right into the detail. I’m also fine to talk about 5 things at the one time. There is not much I have not had to tackle in life and got through on the other side in family, business, life and love. I am passionate about sharing my wisdom gained from my journey through life and assisting others to tap into their own wholeness – their wisdom within.

I help you find your way through when life gets confusing, hard and messy as a support to help you get through.



Access Consciousness an energy modality with a set of tools designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone.

The Access Bars® a simple non-invasive energy releasing modality where 32 points on the head are lightly touched to release tension, stress and the electro magnetic component of unwanted emotions, beliefs and thoughts to help you create more space.

Would you like more freedom to choose better for yourself, be kinder to you and as a result the planet?

The Access Bars® can take about an hour session to run. It's powerful, safe, gentle and practiced fully clothed.

Access Bars are points on the head that store the electro magnetic component of old & limiting thinking, when touched, they start to release so you can create new thinking.

There are bars for Creativity, Body, Healing and Communication just to name a few.

It's possible now to transform yourself with more ease & joy. What do you want to create more of in your life?


Reiki channels universal love energy to assist your body to use this to heal. Your body knows how to heal. As a Reiki facilitator we help you access this universal energy.

A session consists of laying of the hands on the body in a sequence developed over centuries.

The session is fully clothed and at the end of a session you will feel like you have had a restful sleep.


Your body has it’s own intelligence. Kinesiology taps into your body’s inner wisdom and via muscle testing the practitioner can communicate with your body, mind and spirit to assist in balancing any imbalances you are currently experiencing.


Art helps access your subconsciousness and help you get into a space where you can hear your inner wisdom. It’s all waiting there for you to be accessed. Let yourself go on the journey and you will be surprised what is hidden within to assist your healing.

An Art Therapy sessions is a facilitated art session where you get to play with colour and then you have a structured discussion to interpret your art creation…which may reveal itself in the session and inspire after the session.


The Bach Flower Therapy System was created by Edward Bach over 70 years ago.

Bach’s system consists of 38 flower remedies, each of the flower remedies impact on a specific emotional and mental state.

The remedies do not suppress negative attitudes but transform them into positive ones.

Flower therapy works on the bodies subtle emotional and energetic systems.

It is a gentle and supportive approach to balance out any overactive or underactive emotions, helping the person feel more balanced emotionally and able to tackle life’s ups and downs.

What People Say

After a Access Bars Healing Session

“Thanks so much Monique, I loved meeting with you and I feel amazing after the Bars session… I don’t know how this works.. but I feel fantastic. I have so much energy!”

Sophie – Melbourne

“Thank you for a wonderful day with the Access Bars on Saturday! I really enjoyed it. It was lovely having the small class with Jacinta and being around such positive, happy energy!”

Leanne – Melbourne

After a 1-on-1 Business Session

“When faced with a complex scenario about how best to navigate an unanticipated client request, Monique was not only a formidable source of knowledge, but also an incredibly empathetic ear. She helped me formulate a commercially savvy game-plan that was based in crystal-clear strategy. The result was a win-win outcome for both myself and my client.”

Adrian – Melbourne

“Monique your session was absolutely, on all levels, the most brilliant experiential healing I have had outside of kinesiology. It was so amazing and the sensations, realisations, and soul level messages I got during, and even today I got a connection to it, are sensational and I appreciate your gift so much. With much gratitude.”

Ro – Melbourne

“I went to Monique because of intense anxiety and chronic insomnia. Since the healing, I have been sleeping right through the night and waking up relaxed (not in my usual state of panic). I’m feeling calm and relaxed during the day. This is very helpful as I’m starting a new job. I have also noticed that blocks in other areas of my life seem to have disappeared, I’m a lot more confident around men now."

Lisa – Melbourne

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Wisdom Within Practitioners

Wisdom Within Practitioners



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