Angelic Reiki and Massage Therapy with Kate Louise

Kate Louise

22/23-25 Queens rd
Brighton-le-sands NSW 2216

Servicing area: Kogarah, St George area, South Sydney suburbs

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My name is Kate, and I am an Angelic Reiki practitioner and Massage Therapist

Angelic Reiki and Remedial Massage

Over the years I have studied various modalities including Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive, Angelic Reiki, Remedial Massage and I am also a meditation facilitator.

Learning Angelic Reiki really intensified my relationship with my angelic guides and family, and I am honoured to now facilitate healing sessions for people using this wondrous angelic connection. I act as a bridge for the angels to send their energy to you. There is no issue too great or too small to hand over to our angelic guides.

Learning massage therapy has helped increase my intuition in a way I never knew was possible, and I absolutely love providing massage treatments and hearing clients comment with delight that their tension has been released.  Massage therapy beautifully complements energy work, and both modalities bring about healing in unique and sometimes surprising ways.

Mission Statement:

We are all undergoing a huge energetic recalibration on our precious planet Earth right now. It can be trying at times, and it is more important than ever to remember the truth of who we are. It is thus the aim of my energy work to help you to remember your divine truth. Reconnect with your awesome light-filled self!

My desire is to help people remember and connect with their whole selves, their divine truth. We are all awesome beings of light, positively overflowing with the divine light and love of the Creator, but being in 3D for so long has made it extremely difficult for people to remember and connect with this.

Love is the only truth and can heal anything. My aim is to help people remember their true power and potential. With the assistance of the divine, I help people reconnect with their true love of self – which is life-changing!

Through connection with the amazing masters, angels and intergalactic guides that are here to help us, we will together tune you into your divine truth. You are perfect as you are – it’s just a matter of you remembering this!

With us now evolving into a 5D existence, it is more important than ever not to let old 3D energy distract us from the pure Joy and Love that is our absolute right to experience.

Sessions with Kate & pricing:

All Angelic Reiki sessions cost $70. If you cannot make it to the healing room, I also offer distant healing sessions. The beauty of energy healing work is it can be done just as effectively from anywhere at any time! You can combine your Angelic Reiki sessions with a Tachyon Ultra Cocoon treatment for an additional $20. If you would like to try the Tachyon Ultra Cocoon by itself, this is available at a cost of $40.

Remedial Massage treatments are offered at a cost of $90 per hour, and these may be combined with Reiki sessions.

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Qualification details

Certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner
Remedial Massage Therapist
Meditation Facilitator

Angelic Reiki and Massage Therapy with Kate Louise