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Advanced Corrective Massage Therapy

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Physically – we breathe around 15000 times per day and we don’t even think about it.

We walk our 10000 steps per day if we are out and about.

We swallow 2500 times and chew, talk and otherwise use our jaw thousands of times more.

Advanced Corrective Massage Therapy - 3 Key Physical Issues

If we have a breakdown in any of these three key movement patterns, however small, we will magnify the issue by a MASSIVE VOLUME of repetitions until something wears out or becomes painful.

Keep these 3 in order and much of our body’s strain is eased, energy is not used to run excessive muscle contractile activity and can then be used for other purposes.

I use kinesiology guided manual therapies to achieve this.


Correctly applied massage, stretch therapy and corrective exercises form the basis of recovery from congested, thickened, scar filled or otherwise locally damaged tissues


The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a potent organiser of posture and musculoskeletal systems, neurology and hormones. If the jaw is dysfunctional then it can impose significant stress on any of these systems. A trip to the dentist, bad posture at the computer, emotional stress and ANY motor accident are all common sources of TMJ dysfunction. This is often missed.

The TMJ is part of a system of joints including the spine that must be balanced as a whole unit – I have several methods of achieving this that are world renowned among soft tissue therapists and leading orthodontists.


Advanced Corrective Massage Therapy - 3 Key Physical Issues