Women Assist Counselling

110 Plenty rd
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Servicing area: Australia

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Affordable service with no waitlists. In-person or online sessions are available for women in Australia. 

Women Assist Counselling

Women’s lives revolve around many roles and experiences, including being a family member, being single, work, partnering, marriage, having children, and parenting. Counselling provides individuals with time and space to talk and work on their problems and gain a different perspective on problems and issues in a safe, non-judgmental and caring respectful environment.

There are no waitlists and you are not required to obtain a mental health care plan to access sessions. Women Assist is a private service, so there are no limits on the number of counselling sessions you attend. Self-referrals and professional referrals are welcomed.

Online counselling is great! All you need to do is find a relaxed, comfortable and safe space so you can engage comfortably in the therapeutic process, which is key to relaxation. Once relaxed and boundaries are established naturally, rapport is built, we then get to work on the issue and your therapy goals.

We may go back and forth in your life but it's absolutely necessary to discuss this with the counsellor, so you can begin healing, so you can move forward from the issue or the trauma, become present in your current life, not going backwards (depression) and not going too far forward (anxiety). It may sound like a bit of work; however, you won’t even notice once in a session. It will be like chatting to a friend with professional boundaries. These boundaries can never be overstepped as they will end the therapeutic relationship immediately.



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Bachelor of Social Science - Counselling

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Women Assist Counselling