Woonona Osteopathic Clinic

Woonona Health Hub

1st Floor
26 Ball st
Woonona NSW 2517

Servicing area: Woonona & Northern Suburbs, Illawarra, South Coast NSW

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The Woonona Health Hub offers allied health & natural therapies in the one central clinic space. Our practitioners are highly experienced & caring.

Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Speech Pathologist

Melanie Inskip – Podiatrist

B App Sc (Podiatry)

Melanie has more than 8 years’ podiatry experience, it is Melanie’s passion to treat people experiencing pain and keep people on their feet and mobile.

Melanie offers a unique and specialised method of assessing foot alignment issues by customising foot orthotics using an award-winning system designed by Neil Smith, a certified pedorthist. Unlike conventional orthotics, this unique orthotic is cast from a mould taken whilst weight-bearing, which simulates more realistic biomechanical stressors subjected to the foot. 

Dr Sam Everist - Chiropractor

Sam brings 20 years of manual therapy experience to the hub. Sam offers 45minute Chiropractic treatments with a wholistic approach. 

Sharon Forsyth – Speech Pathologist

App. Sc. (Speech Pathology)

Sharon Forsyth graduated from the University of Sydney and has worked in public and private health services. She has a particular interest in working and treating children with special needs.  Sharon’s vision is for all children to realise their full potential.

Sharon of all ages from 0-18 years. She works with a variety of disorders including fussy feeding, speech difficulty, reading skills, late talkers, autism spectrum disorders & developmental disabilities & more. 

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Woonona Health Hub –

Osteopathy, Podiatry, Speech Pathology, Chiropractic

Woonona Health Hub is a collective of independent health services in one convenient location. We aim to provide quality health care to our families and community to enhance quality of living. We pride ourselves on our professional, caring and family-friendly environment..

Our practitioners operate as individual businesses offering highly skilled and experienced health services. They have many years experience in their respective fields, with a unique range of services including award-winning weight-bearing orthotics, children's speech pathologist, osteopaths, chiropractic and more..

Take some time to discover what we have to offer – sometimes the best things are local. . 

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