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Yarra Ranges Healing
Member since
Apr 2019

Yarra Ranges Healing

Phone 0404869656
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Address Kallista VIC 3791

For spiritual healing, treating stress and physical pain.

Yarra Ranges Healing

As a Reiki practitioner and Kinesiologist, Clothdile is passionate about forming deep connections with others and supporting those around her to make positive changes to their lives. Her extensive life experience, knowledge, wisdom, and ability to truly listen complement these modalities, naturally allowing her to connect with each individual.


Kinesiology concentrates on how the body, mind, and spirit interact. Through the use of painless and gentle muscle testing it can delve into your subconscious, to identify the underlying cause of your distress. Treatments assist in removing emotional, energetic, and physical stress from our system, unravelling negative blockages and patterns that are restricting you from living your best life. Kinesiology can assist you to bring balance back into your life, assisting with:

Emotional & Spiritual Stress

  • Coping with anxiety, stress and feeling burned out
  • Clearing addictions and unwanted habits
  • Spiritual insight and direction
  • Lacking motivation

Pain Relief

  • Back, hip and neck pain
  • Painful joints and muscles
  • Headaches and migraines


Reiki is a non-religious nor is it a belief system, yet it is an incredibly powerful method of healing which channels life force energy in a concentrated form. Clothdile utilises angel guides, sacred symbols, sound healing, crystal therapy, and intuition in order to clear, open, and balance your chakras. The practice which is customised for each individual activates the natural healing processes of your body and restores emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, allowing restoration and balance on all levels.

Reiki can assist with:

  • Relieving stress, illness and injury
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Self-awareness and connecting with your higher purpose
  • Treating/preventing symptoms of disease
  • Enhancing mental clarity, self-esteem and inner peace

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give me a call or visit my website.

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Yarra Ranges Healing