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You Time Yoga


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You Time Yoga

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I'm passionate about the freedom, peace of mind, joy and health yoga brings myself and others. With creativity, exploration and freedom in movement, I will guide you towards a combination of dynamic postures and inner peace. I intently want to create this lifestyle with my students, through breath and an energising calmness.

My passion and the focus of my teaching is Vinyasa Yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, provides the opportunity to develop strength and flexibility of body and mind. I also teach Gentle Yoga, which I find to be an excellent balance to the dynamic Flow style.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a vibrant and intuitive style of yoga in which a series of flowing, conscious movements are connected seamlessly by breath. This style is aimed to generate heat, detoxify, strengthen, stretch and balance the body and mind. No class will be exactly the same, making each class challenging, creative and meditative. By the end of a session, you will feel as though you have just given yourself a massage from the inside out.


Revitalizing and restorative for your body, this beginner friendly class combines the basics of a physical asana practice and breathing techniques to help improve alignment, flexibility, balance and strength. This is a slower paced class, which encourages the use of awareness and mindfulness to help ease the body into postures in way that works with existing injuries and prevent future injuries.


“I have been working with Yenny for 3 years now. She has a genuine, calm nature that oozes onto all that are in her presence. Her soft spoken voice and gentle presence entices you into a state of relaxation immediately. Observing her graceful movements and listening to her clear instruction has assisted me to progress further into my Yoga practice. She offers a wide range of poses and sequences that keep me in the present moment and out of my busy mind. Her knowledge and wisdom of the practice and of life itself is inspiring and informative. I feel amazing after one of her classes whether it be a dynamic flow or gentle restorative class.
Yenny’s a nurturing soul who looks after all of us in her class with careful adjustments and instruction and often finishes off with a gentle massage and/or some essential oils whilst we relax and absorb the practice. Also, watching Yenny demonstrate some more difficult poses encourages me and opens my mind to possibilities in the future.

— Lisa Carlyle - Yoga Teacher & Founder of You Time Yoga

“I met with Yenny about four years ago in a Yoga class. Since then, I have been impressed with her professionalism as a Yoga trainer. What I like about her class is that Yenny always reminds us of the basic theories of Yoga such as breathing and proper postures, and keeps mindfulness of both physical and mental strength. She has a great hospitality as well. I always finish her class with peace of mind and fulfillment. I would highly recommend her class to anyone who wants to learn decent Yoga.

— Yoshiko Tokunaga

“I met Yenny in 2008 then taught yoga at her lovely studio Soham from 2009-2011 in Saigon City, Vietnam. I really enjoyed teaching at the studio because Yenny was always a clear communicator and easy to get along with. The one thing I remember best about Yenny is that she is always open to new ideas and learning new things. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, Yenny embodies the essence of a true yogi; she’s calm, grounded, kind and considerate. Namaste!

— Hang Nhan - Yoga Teacher & Co-founder of saigon om | |

“Apart from being a great yoga teacher, Yenny is a great person. She has a lovely energy and each week she delivers a tailored class which has really helped me over the last 12 months. As an added bonus she is skilled in ayurvedic message which is always a nice treat.

— Chris Hall

“I am very lucky and have known Yenny for 3 years. After sessions with Yenny, one leaves feeling refreshed & empowered. Yennys’ teachings offer the true essence of yoga & you will be truly amazed @ what you will achieve physically & mentally after being blessed with the knowledge she offers within her teachings. She has an ability to demonstrate the most challenging postures with such softness, strength, simplicity & inspiration.

— Linda Wilton - Yoga Teacher

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