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Welcome to my website I am so pleased that you are here.

Think for one second there are almost 7 billion plus individuals on the planet. What are the chances that you and I will connect? Yet, here we are

For whatever reason you have arrived here, I welcome you with an accepting and open mind and heart.

In my eyes, you are a Gift, your life is a Gift. You are truly unique, individual creation with your own set of unique abilities and gifts, and there is no one else who is exactly like you on this earth.

I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic about my work as a Hypnotherapist because of the truly amazing results that I am so lucky to witness almost on a daily basis. Hypnosis is a very powerful method to bring about positive change and healing and I am continually fascinated and intrigued by the study and use of this safe, natural yet powerful phenomena.

My experience

For more than 2 decades I have dedicated my professional and my personal life to the importance of self-awareness, personal development and self-care by instructing from my own personal experience. As I evolve and grow, I share the practical resources and tools I utilise myself, in the hope that it will be helpful and effective for others. From years of personal experience, as well as working with many individuals in my private Hypnotherapy practice, I have come to understand that selfishness leads to selflessness. When we care deeply about ourselves we will ultimately begin to care deeply about others.

My goal is clear: to continue my commitment to ongoing personal and professional development and to offer you with the best possible practical tools, resources, challenging ideas, and useful information that will support you in living a life that honours, inspires and nourished your one of a kind body, mind and spirit.


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