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There is something inside the soul of all of us that wants to soar through sunbeams, hover at beautiful moments in our lives making them freeze in time, fly backwards and savour once more the beautiful past, dance mid-air in a delicate mist then take a simple bath on a leaf. Some of us are just hummingbird people.

Rayeleen Gilbert Integrative Hypnotherapy - Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression

Our character today represents a combination of all the experiences that we have accumulated throughout our numerous lifetimes. These past life events can affect several aspects of our behaviours, and in some cases, past traumas can bring about psychological issues which can not be cured with ordinary psychotherapy. Past life therapy is able to release these repressed feelings and thoughts and can be highly beneficial.


How many sessions should I Book?

Begin with One! It is my experience that most of my clients achieve profound results in their first session.


Is Past Life Regression safe?

Yes, it is very safe and gentle when performed by someone with specialised training and experience.


What if I do not believe in Past Lives?

Believing in Past Lives is not a prerequisite, neither is your religion. During a Past Life Regression the subconscious mind can take people to the cause of the problem and it may happen to be in another body, in another time.


Are Past Life Regressions real or are they just created by one’s imagination?

Are we just making it all up? I do get asked this occasionally. There are many cases that can be documented through historical research, which can prove the accuracy of the information, far beyond the chances of random imagination. However, whether real or imagined, what is most important is the healing, lessons of love and forgiveness, wisdom and insights that help improve this life. It can also be seen as a journey into the subconscious mind or soul that reveals the answers that we need to know at this time.


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