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Servicing area

Robertson, Sunnybank, Coopers Plains, Mt Gravatt, Taragindi, Holand Park, Rochedale, Runcorn Wishart

Focus areas

Pregnancy support Thermal Anxiety Back massage Well-being Stress management

Pregnancy 6 Months with Sore Back

Tina - Sep. 2012:  I'm 6 months pregnant with very sore back for 3 weeks. Have been to physiotherapy, chiropater and taking pain killers but nothing seems helping. As in pregnancy, I am getting very stomach to get arround.

Min gave me the infared massage and light acupuncture. It gets releaved straight away and every treatment is better than last time. 5 sections, the pain is not come back. Well done and Thank you Min.

Calf Ulcer

Mr. R. was in his 70s. Because his diabetes situation, a little scratch on his calf infected and became an ulcer after while. It was very smelly with dirty green discharge. Taking antibiotic for the last three years, he did not get anywhere. The wound was getting bigger and bigger after every surgery clean up. It was a 50 cent size when he first visit Min. Min cleans up his wound every time and treat with a detailed laser for every 2nd days. There were noticeable improvement after every treatment. New tissue was growing, visit reduce to once a week, the wound was smaller and nicely healed in the end.

Fertility succeed at once

A young couple married for three years and looking forward to have a family. They both healthy according the doctors and gynaecological examinations. They had try every possible tests and treatment including naturopath and three IVF programs, but still no luck.

By a chance to come to see Min for her stressful neck, she got found out that her stomach acid is way too high, which is possible affecting the sperms activity and fertilized egg development. The day she came was the 4th days after her 4th IVF implant, she felt The chance to get pregnant was unlikely happen. Min's herbs and advises instantly lower down her acid level. With her cooperation, she succeeds at once.

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