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Yoga Therapy
Member since
May 2017

Yoga Danam

Contact Name Deb Robertson
Mobile 0448 978 880
Address Williamstown VIC 3016

Drawing on an age-old tradition of healing, Yoga Therapy utilizes a broad range of tools including movement, pranayama (conscious breathing) meditation, sound, chanting, positive visualisation, mindfulness teachings, dietary and lifestyle advice.

Yoga Danam - Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is all about care; it takes on a holistic approach to treat the care seeker, not just the disease. It can be utilised for specific wellbeing and health goals and requirements if you are searching for a way to live with serious illness, or a coming back from a serious injury or a surgery.

Yoga Therapy can positively influence the breath, body, and mind, leading the care seeker towards optimal wellbeing. It offers the care seeker with a chance to actively be their own positive inspiration and change. It will also assist in the balancing of emotions and improves health and quality of life on all levels.

A complementary therapy, your therapist will work closely with your allied health professional and doctor when devising a treatment program. Yoga Therapy can greatly impact upon respiration, digestion, circulation, and elimination. Additionally, it will also support and help with a number of common health conditions including arthritis, asthma, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, and insomnia.

What happens in a Yoga Therapy session?

A Yoga Therapy session is between you and your Yoga Therapist. The initial session is a consultation which spans for around 90 minutes. Your medical history is recorded; pulse rate and gentle movement are observed; a discussion and questionnaire will evaluate your current situation and health status.

A simplified and short practice will be demonstrated and taught, and you will receive a clear diagrammatic program that you can take home with you to practice. This will be checked and refined at the follow-up session within a week to ten days of the initial consultation.

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