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Yoga Classes in Cook. Yoga gives you a toolkit of practices that help bring balance and relaxation to your body and mind, harmony to your relationships and creativity and satisfaction to your daily life. Enrolling for Term 2 2022 - begins 4th May. Book Now

Yoga Elements

Servicing area

Cook, ACT & Australia wide via online

Focus areas

Emotions Well-being Stress management Fitness Relaxation Posture

About Yoga Elements

Yoga Elements is run by Santosha (also Renee) who is an affiliated and accredited Yoga Teacher. She currently offers evening classes in Cook. She teaches in a venue that is comfortable, peaceful and central.

Term Details


Holy Covenant Anglican Church
89 Dexter St, Cook

For workplace classes please contact Santosha.


Community yoga classes: $180 for 8 week term (concession $165) - 1.5hr classes

To enrol please:

1. contact Santosha via email on or phone 0431 214 091

2. Complete the on-line enrolment form here

3. Make payment via direct deposit into the following account:

    • Beyond Bank
    • BSB: 325-185
    • Account number: 03344463
    • Account name: Yoga Elements
    • Please include your name as reference with the transaction so I can identify your payment

Payment by cash or cheque on the first night of class must be pre arranged.

What can you expect from Santosha's yoga classes?

    • a holistic system of yoga providing access to a wide range of techniques and skills which you can adopt to improve all elements of your life
    • faithful and thorough application of ancient practices which are adapted to meet your contemporary needs
    • a solid, systematic step-by-step approach to yoga, based on safety and common sense

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can bring:

    • improved posture, flexibility, strength and endurance
    • increased vitality, health and wellbeing
    • improved digestion
    • a refreshed and energized body and mind
    • relaxation, calm and reduced stress levels
    • clarity of mind and inspired vision for life
    • escape from the daily grind and a chance for internal focus
    • greater harmony in relationships and a feeling of connection to those around you through steadying the emotions
    • self knowledge, acceptance and understanding
    • awareness of the wholeness already within

Yoga is accessible and beneficial, regardless of your age, body type, fitness level, experience, health, and social background.

About Yoga Elements Classes

Yoga classes incorporate:

    • asana (physical postures)
    • pranayama (breathing practices)
    • meditation
    • deep relaxation or Yoga Nidra

You can learn tools and techniques to create and maintain calmness and balance in your life.

Classes follow a gradual progression, enabling you to assimilate the effects gradually and safely, one step at a time. Classes are currently being taught at the General Level, which caters to a wide range of abilities from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Classes are non competitive and your individual experience is valued. The approach is for you to learn what suits your body and mind. You are encouraged to develop your own practice.

You will be encouraged to adopt practices relevant to your needs and inclinations and will slowly learn to harmonise yourself.

Other services:

    • Individual consultation
    • Government agency and Corporate Yoga/Relaxation classes available at your workplace on request

What do I need for a yoga class?

    • Wear comfortable and non-restrictive clothing
    • Bring your own yoga mat, blanket and cushion
    • Arrive 5 -10 minutes before class to settle in and begin to relax
    • Try not to eat a meal for at least 1 - 2 hours before class

About Santosha

I am an affiliated and accredited Yoga Teacher, but I am also a Counsellor, mother, have studied at university and also worked for 9 years in the public service. This has given me an understanding of the stressors and demands on students, staff and parents :-). Yoga has helped to reduce my stress levels, to facilitate a balanced body and mind and to bring greater harmony within my relationships. I now have a yogic 'toolkit' of techniques that I use to deal with life's daily challenges. I feel empowered to solve my own problems, and I feel uplifted and blessed by the benefits that yoga consistently brings. As a teacher I am passionate about helping you to express your own inner qualities optimally and creatively. Yoga can help you to find more contentment with who you are and where you are right now. The practices help you to slowly harmonise yourself, being designed to evolve the whole person.

I can provide instruction that caters to many different client groups with varying levels of experience and ability. I offer community and workplace classes.


4 Services

Yoga and Meditation Class

1hr 30min
Meditation Satyananda Yoga Meditation Online Yoga Online
$170 Per course

Suitable for anyone who wants to explore meditation more fully. This class aims to deepen your understanding and experience of inner balance, contentment and insight. The techniques used will change from term to term and reflect student needs. Students ma

General Yoga Class

1hr 30min
Meditation Satyananda Yoga Meditation Online Yoga Online
$170 Per course

This class is accessible to both my experienced and beginner students. Each term we will continue to work with a rich yoga theme that will unfold over the weeks. The practices will be extended or modified, depending on the student, to bring greater flexib


  • Diploma In Satyananda Yoga Training (1400 Hours)

Professional Membership

  • PACFA - Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia

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