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Krystle Alves

Krystle Alves

Leura NSW 2780

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You’re free to practice the style you like! Practice whenever you like! Practice for your pain points! Practice for your level of experience.  Live or pre-recorded classes. Just $29 a week- cancel any at time Your first 7 days are complimentary!

Online Yoga Studio

Focus areas

Stress management Nervous system Hypnotherapist Physical health Face to face Love

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What You Will Get

  • Full Access to Beginners One & Two Course
  • Live Daily Yoga Classes
  • Short Express Yoga Classes (30-45 min)
  • Workshops for Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Workshops on Splits
  • Access to Over 150 Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Live Beginners Class
  • How-to Videos For Postures
  • Workshop on Headstand
  • Stress Management Videos
  • Variety of Styles and Levels
  • Learning Yoga Online Made Easy

Learn Yoga at Home - The Process

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  2. Get full access to the Online Yoga Studio & the Live Class Link
  3. Plan out your classes for the week around your schedule.


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Live Online Yoga Sessions

All sessions are recording and uploaded so you never miss out on your favorite class!

  • Monday (6PM) - Yin Yoga & Meditation Class
  • Tuesday (7AM) - Vinyasa Yoga Flow
  • Wednesday (7AM) - Yoga Strength
  • Thursday (6PM) - Yoga Alignment
  • Friday (630AM) - Gentle Yoga Flow
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Client Reviews

"Krystle is very encouraging and gives us different options to take each yoga pose at the pace and position that works best for our body. I now have more stamina, my flexibility has improved and I feel more relazed and in tune with my body and mind like never before."  - Suki Naptha

"I absolutely love your Online Yoga Studio, I am already feeling a gazillion times better now that I can do yoga so regularly, onee of the biggest barriers of getting to classes are my unusual working hours ans I am a mum to an 8 & 10 year old and they need me quite a lot."  - Kylie Draper

"Krystle, I can't even begin to tell you how fantastic a resource this is, it is far superior to all of the courses I explored. I can do classes in between patients, early in the morning, when the kids are in bed. This really works for me and the fact it is you makes it all the better." - Chris Simmons

Am I locked into a contract or a minimum term?

No, you can log into your account and cancel out at any time, with the click of a button.  

How do I jump on a live yoga class?

Every week a new zoom link is sent out to the community, so you can log on and take the class LIVE with me.  

Do I have to have my camera on for the live class?

This is the fun of it!  Yes, you do so that I can see you and guide you through the practice. Please don't worry about your surroundings! I've had people tune in from their kitchen, their garage, and I really don't care. I want you to move and breathe that's all. No one else will see you as I'm on speaker view and my video is pinned.  

What if I'm a total beginner? Will I still be able to use the platform?

membership, so you can take advantage of that as well as the fact that 3 of the live classes that happen every week are suitable for absolute beginners. You will also have access to all of these recorded live sessions. 

How do I know which classes are suitable for my concerns?

Once you log in every class recording has its own description so that you can see what the focus was for that class. You will also be able to take the tutorial sessions in the workshop section if you want to focus more on the breakdown of postures.  

What will I need to take to the classes?

Yoga mat, and two blocks an old blanket and a couple of ordinary cushions. These are the most used props. You will be able to make do with what you have at home.  

Can I jump on the live classes with multiple people / friends / family?


Can I request specific classes?

Yes once you're in you will be able to leave comments and other requests in the community section of the platform. For specific issues, pain points, or break down of postures. Making your experience personal.


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