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Debbie Belnick

The Yoga School, Bondi Junction

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We invite you to join us in exploring the world of yoga. We are located at the Centennial Park end of Oxford St, Bondi Junction. Our classes are taught in the Iyengar tradition and we welcome all levels of experience. Health, happiness and peace of mind are the by-products of the spiritual practice of yoga.

The Yoga School, Bondi Junction

Focus areas

Spirituality Pranayama Aches & pains

About Debbie Belnick

I began a steady yoga practice about 18 years ago to help with backache. It has since taken me beyond that, but nonetheless still continues to be a remedy for any aches and pains.

I started teaching at Glebe Yoga School in 1998 and then at Sydney Yoga Space in 2002 until 2006. From 2007 until 2012 have taught at The Yoga Nook in Dulwich Hill.

I have been to the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune on a number of occasions and continue to go back to Pune to attend classes and study with the Iyengar family.

Practice and teaching has become an integral part of my life and both continue to be a source of inspiration for further learning and commitment to yoga.


Yoga is an Indian discipline arising from the ancient Indian texts, the Vedas and Upanishads around 4000 years ago.

It’s a comprehensive system incorporating spirituality, religion, philosophy and a way of understanding the world, ourselves and our place in the world.

In the West we mostly know and practice physical yoga using the body, mind, sense organs and breath to work with asana, pranayama and meditation.

Over years of practice this physical yoga (still using the body and breath and mind as a vehicle), becomes much more yoga of the mind and consciousness. We develop an awareness that takes us beyond the self that identifies with the physical body, to the self that is unconditioned and independent consciousness. We are then able to relate to and see things as they are, without illusion, delusion and conditioning that would otherwise cloud our sensibility.

There are a number of interpretations of the meaning of the word "yoga". The most common meaning being to "join", "unite", "union". Prashant Iyengar refers to it as a "joining with reality". He will also sometimes refer to it as "truth". It can be seen as the union of the left and right side of the body, a uniting of the mind to become still, focussed and attentive.

Another interpretation is to attain what was previously unattainable. T.V. Desikashar in Heart of Yoga says “when there is something that we are today unable to do, when we find the means for bringing that desire into action, that step is yoga”.


Beginners Course 6.00pm—7.00pm
General 7.15pm—8.30pm

General 6.15pm—8.15pm

Beginners Course 6.00pm—7.00pm
Beginners/Level 1 7.15pm—8.30pm

General 6.15pm—8.15pm

No classes scheduled.

General 7.30am—9.30am
Beginners/Level 1 10.00am—11.30am

General 7.30am—9.30am

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