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Hot (Bikram) Yoga and Hot Flow (Vinyasa) Yoga
Member since
Feb 2013

Yoga Tree Perth

Phone 08 6406 1811
Address 7 / 200 Winton Rd
Joondalup WA 6027

Hot Flow (Vinyasa) and Hot Yoga (60 & 90 min (Bikram) at Yoga Tree Perth offer many benefits in addition to those usually experienced with a regular Yoga practice, due to the heated room that Hot Yoga classes are held in.

Yoga Tree Perth - Hot Yoga & Hot Flow (Vinyasa)


A series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises that will get your body working and your sweat flowing. Don’t worry, beginners are very well taken care of.

Heated to 39˚C you’ll see deeper stretching, a reduction in toxins, an increased heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout, a calmer mind and improved strength. Plus you’ll leave feeling like you’ve conquered something epic.


Vinyasa is a dynamic and fluid form of the ancient practise of yoga. Let go of your mind as you delve deeper into your body with the constantly changing sequence of postures. Flowing from pose-to-pose will help with movement through your entire body, calm the mind, and you’ll find balance on and off your mat. This class builds muscular strength, improves functional flexibility, creates a better spinal alignment and will challenge the way you think about life.


A fusion of Hot Yoga and Vinyasa that will energise, making you feel so invigorated that you’ll feel like you have had the best of both worlds! A set sequence that will challenge you whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Yogi. These classes combine yoga postures synchronised with an upbeat soundtrack. A fun and challenging balancing series combined with core work that is designed to add some fire. Come hydrated and be prepared to sweat.


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