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Have you ever longed to immerse yourself in an ocean of sound that was created specifically for you?
If you long to awaken the wisdom that lives in the bones of your being, who seeks to restore purpose and flow in your life, who is ready to plumb the depths of your inner knowing? This is for you.

Alchemy Sound

I will only use these bowls, they are - the evolutionary tool of this crystalline age.
Refined tone, grace and beauty are their most accessible qualities…and there is so much more. Now more than ever we seek harmony in our lives. These evolutionary times call for profound shifts at every level and Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™
are here to serve.

??Light, in the language of the mystics, is the body’s highest intelligence embedded as advanced harmonic codes stored at the subatomic core of every cell. To resonate with the extraordinary universal harmonies, opens up a multidimensional experience to amplify and transfer this energy and speaks to the entire atomic system.

??I play the 11 Crystal Tones® bowls to shake loose old patterns and project the correct harmonic pattern, to realign and restore your frequencies of the energetic ecosystem of your chakras. There is a process over your session in a synergy to supercharge through ancient layers to arrive at a beautiful place existing within.

??Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs in alignment with your bodys wisdom to release and your desires to manifest - intentionally played in a precise conscious synergy. I have a range of specific bowls that offer a unique advantage in their relationship and tuning; as feedback between each other to resonate to a point of equilibrium offering transformational transcendence throughout the whole-body system.

??Each Crystal Tone Bowl, take on a different element with positive effects and integrating them into a single, holistic system that is rooted in ancient tradition. You will experience like no other the bowls placed 'onto your body' for to permeate the fabric of space and time and into the grounded being of your physical existence.

Location - The Studio (4-8 people)| Your Space (6+) | Corporate (6+) | Zoom
Duration - 1.5 hrs
Group - $35pp
1-2-1 - $78
Couples - $98

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Healy Body-Aura Scan

Healy Treatment $89
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Qualification details

Oracle of Sound - Sound Healing Training for Alchemy Quartz Crystal Tones™
Oracle of Sound - Shamanic Sound and Voice Activation
Certified Alchemy Quartz Crystal Tones™ Singing Bows x11 Frequency Bowls

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Bubble. Healing On All Dimensions of Health & Existence.