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Attunement Therapy is to Be Held + Nurtured. As humans we are wired to connect, for touch, safety + closeness - yet disconnection is the cause of so much pain. Connection is the antidote.

Attunement Therapy

Servicing area

The Studio

Focus areas

Arthritis Cancer management Menopause Mental health Depression Mental illness

 "This healing modality is stunning in its simplicity and effectiveness"

In the most delicate of spaces, with a one of a kind, simple, yet life-changing modality, you will be held to reinstate that you are accepted, you are cared for, worthy and loved. You will be equipped with the realisations you can re-access your own innate sense of power to be able to change your circumstances in all aspects of your life.

Re-attuning to come back to a place of trust and simple awareness, by letting go of your attachments to literally shift the past - leaving your old hurts behind so they no longer exist. Allowing you to feel through the heartfelt connection, the regulation of returning ‘home’, to the powerful place of wholeness within.

Attunement Therapy offers connection to:

those who have none,
those who need extra,
those who need hope,
those who desire to heal anything,
those in pain,
those who want to feel again,
those that want to transcend their past story
to those who feel they don’t want connection
and to those who want to transform what motives them in life.

Attuned into feeling human connection is key in being so effective to re-organize an entire nervous system in order to access a very deep state of relaxation. This allows for the body to enter into the most natural and automatic ‘reset’ function available - the same way an upset infant is instantly soothed by the heartbeat when held by a parent. You will walk away with a heightened sense of self and the will power to seek more physical connection with other people.

Your session starts with briefly exploring your current life situation and you will be encouraged to consider an intention or an issue to heal. We will work directly on the Autonomic Nervous system - 95% of your unconscious mind to help reduce any fear, trauma, stress and anxiety in your life.

Could Attunement Therapy Help you?

Do you want more healthy human connection in your life?
Do you feel separate from others or that you don’t belong?
Do you feel empty or not good enough/ abandoned/ rejected?
Do you want to heal an emotional imbalance such as stress or anxiety?
Do you find it hard to calm down and relax?
Do you have a physical injury that needs to healing?
Do you have a chronic illness?
Do you suffer from addiction or compulsive behaviors?
Do you feel unsafe in your body or in the world?
Do you have traumatic events you want to heal?
Do you suffer from destructive emotional habits; rage, violence or resentment?
Do you suffer from relationship or sexual dysfunction/sexual confidence?
Are you looking for more positivity, happiness and hope in your life?
Could you do with more creative inspiration in your life?

Private Session
Physical + emotional presence for you to re-set + align your heart

Location - The Studio
Duration - 3 hrs
1-2-1 - $249

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x3 sessions @ 15% savings
x5 sessions @ 20% savings

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Pranayama Breathwork + Tantric Technique

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  • Claire Belton Transpersonal Breathwork Training Academy In Breathwork And Shamanic Healing, Australian Breathwork Association
  • The Breath Centre, Usa, Michael Brian Baker Certified Levels 1-3
  • Soma Breath Certified Instructor
  • Certified Attunement Therapist
  • Oracle Of Sound - Sound Healing Training For Alchemy Quartz Crystal Tones™ Oracle Of Sound - Shamanic Sound And Voice Activation
  • Healy World - Medical Device Consultant
  • Coach & Practitioner Of Nlp And Conversational Hypnosis - Quantum Training Institute
  • Om Chant Facilitator - Atma Kriya Yoga Certificate
  • Hydration Specialist - Enagic ® Kangen Water

Professional Membership

  • Australian Breathwork Association

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