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To experience breath whilst observing physical + spiritual phenomena is a captivating process. To shift authority from mind to heart, connecting to spirit - where the opening to source information lies just beneath this surface.

Breathwork, Shamanic Healing + Bodywork

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The Studio | Your Space | Corporate | Zoom ? 1-2-1 | Couples | Connect With Friends | Celebration | Family

Focus areas

Arthritis Cancer management Menopause Mental health Depression Mental illness

Which Style Is Right For You?

I offer 3 styles of Breathwork each is self-exploration to use the breath as the building block of all your creation.

Your body is sacred and when you consciously invite your breath (great spirit) you can fully experience the essence of omnipresent universal consciousness where you are not reduced - contained by anything.

The more you breath, you remove any veils, restore the beauty around you - to journey to your soul.

Transpersonal Breath & Shamanic Healing

This is a powerful combination of Transpersonal Breathing, Shamanic Healing & Bodywork together they bring recognition to the spirit in all things for you to experience this spirit through connected breathing and sensing with the totality of your being. You are an embodied empire, led by spirit and the practice of shamanism is you to connect with the spirit of the directions and the spirit of the elements for healing on physical and spiritual laws. The body keeps score of your life lessons and why bodywork is a powerful infusion to physically acknowledge energetic stories affecting your energy fields.

This is fantastic deep work, to get you ‘into your body’ and disrupt all patterns at the deepest level for permanent transformational change, that either originates from family, ancestral lineage, culture and present and from past lives. Every session is a journey that is unique, but the results always the same - you will re-cover a true sense of inner power and map this wisdom into your life.

OVERVIEW What Can You Expect?

  • Heal old emotional wounds and traumas

  • Release old negative behaviour patterns and subconscious belief systems

  • To clears intrusive energises in the chakras and energy system

  • Trust in yourself and retrieve your power

  • Connect with your inner child, deepest inner truth and your divine true nature

  • Reclaim your power - spirit animal, soul retrieval

  • Bring your ancestral gifts into the light and reclaim love, power, wisdom, and destiny

  • Reawaken intuition, innocence and passion

  • Become the magician in your life

MORE  What Can You Expect?

Transpersonal breath is a practice using a circular breathing that is connected with no pauses, in deep belly breaths starting in the nose and out the mouth; moving to full mouth breathing. We breath and read the body language - carefully tracking the energy of where the stories are and facilitate where energy is trapped.

A sacred space is held for the body to be guided by great spirit to finds its way home, in a surrender into feeling its truth. As the body feels safe the heart starts to soften and invites the energy of your body to feel freedom into inner alchemy to merge spiritual and physical bodies.

You breath in cycles, like waves of build up, let go and repeat; in that you are fully present to each cycle, to not over-ride your system or let yourself escape from going into what is arising. I journey with you, listening and encouraging you, but you are in full control and we unfold the pieces together, allowing a wide range of emotions of sadness, grief, or fear, maybe anger. ALL is welcome in your space. You will be held in whatever you need and witnessed with the deepest reverence.

If you have experienced trauma, suffer from anxiety, felt lost, unresolved grief or disconnection from your body - this work - the combination of these medicines is for unconscious release of the undercurrent charge within these stories which hide in the landscape of the subconscious mind and body. The power of shamanic healing is to track these energies in different realms - where we can have fragment pieces of our soul splintered off. Our pieces are our purpose in our life and you become very powerful in this deep work to reclaim parts of yourself you lost and bring them back into your body and liberated back.

The breath seeks the truth and only the truth - so no matter where you are at when you facilitate your breath into the circular movement there come a point of not needing to focus into your breathing that you become the breath. Here you are taken through your internal map where you are able to face your fears - to face your shadows and naturally allow your soul to merge through into great spirit to bring the light into the dark as you evolve into bringing a complete victory over all kinds of fears.

There can be other energies attached to the emotions and using the power of shamanism with breathwork you can meet them at the depth and realm of where they are asking ‘to be met’. The spiritual practice works with spirit guides, spirit animals, intrusive energies in the chakras with breathing patterns guiding you to access heightened states of consciousness awareness for closure and enable the rising of your greatest light to integrate back into body and psyche.

Wherever you are or as slow and gentle or deep and open you wish to go transpersonal breath is the place that will speed up new perspective into your life for you feel ease, grace and flow - and embrace your remembrance of sovereignty to liberation, abundance and bliss into your life.

(breathing time 45-60 minutes)

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Location - The Studio (4-8 people) | Your Space (6+) | Corporate (6+) | Zoom
Duration - 2.5 hrs
Groups - $80pp
1-2-1 - $222 
Couples - $249 

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Pranayama Breath - Tantric Technique - Sound Medicine

This Breathwork is a gentle yet powerful - being the roots of pranayama, facilitating breath with a 2-Breath tantric technique with pranayama khumbuka in breath-holds. An Ancient Ceremonial Practice that is specifically designed to awaken your shakti energies to stimulate creativity, your feminine energy - bringing balance to shiva energies to harmonize your masculine the more dominate analytical energy in our systems.

You can change your condition by changing your breath which is the core principle of the science of pranayama and yoga. You life is not a dress rehearsal - pranayama is in living in the now. Breathwork to bring core presence in reconnecting to the enormous well of truth and gentleness within

OVERVIEW What Can You Expect?

  • Divine balance the sacred union of divine feminine and masculine

  • Healthy Divine Masculine - feel fearless, courageous and loyal

  • Healthy Divine Feminine offers tenderness, wisdom, patience, nurturing,

  • Stimulate, awakening of your kundalini

  • Ready for rapid transformation thats not forced with any level of strain

  • This Pranayama method does not promote hyperventilation or re-traumatization

  • Consciously looking to release pain from its roots

  • Breakthrough yogic techniques and energy chakra systems

MORE What Can You Expect?

Your journey begins with deep relaxation, arrive into your space and allow the cleansing your chakra energy centres with harmonic chimes, frequencies, mantras and affirmations to harmonize under-active and over-active energy fields. Clearing your energy centres with this breathwork style is a perfect platform in preparation for fluid and ease of life-force energy to travel up the spine. You are cocoon in sounds of music to evoke and inspire your journey, gentle hands-on if permission and egyptian oils.

First deep breath is controlled and isolated deep into root chakra; to invoke and bring forth your shakti. Awareness to your right side of the body and connection to this base of your being. A small hesitation allows you to submerge into a presence as we invite your feminine energy to rise.

A second deep breath (on top of the first) felt into the heart-space; there is a soften into this energy centre which provokes a willingness to surrender. The flow of your chi from your root chakra - moving up your spine; with ease through cleansed receptive energy centres you tune into a divine well of prana wrapping around and working its way up in its natural order.

Your yin and yang energies beautifully move up to cross at the anja centre - your 3rd eye and now bring this balance to both sides of your brain where you can have mind-body marriage of creativity and abundant action; both into unison.

The exhalation is a journey in itself, letting go with conscious love and gratitude; in its entire space of exhaling you come into a reflection and nurturance within.

This is practiced in a sequence to build to a pinnacle place to facilitate your exploration of an Antara Khumuka yogi in-breath-hold. Here is a place of experiencing the breath within the breath - for what is only comfortable for you - to open to a portal to hear whispers of to assist you in the spirit and physical world. I hold you in a protected safe energetic space. You will be witnessed and able to let go and expand into more of your personal truth of wholeness.

Not like most breathwork practices - you rest in savasana; yogi pose after breathing for up to 20 minutes. This is where the juice of Pranayama samadhi awaits you! You will be bathed in a blissful bath of Alchemy Quartz Crystal Tones Singing Bowls™. A beautiful integration as you a bathed and restore your creative human core alignment to your unique abundant expression.

(breathing time 30-40 minutes)

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Location - The Studio (4-8 people) | Your Space (6+) | Corporate (6+) | Zoom
Duration - 2 hrs
Group - $60pp
1-2-1 - $188 
Couples - $222

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SOMA Breath - The Awakening Ceremony - Sound Bowls

SOMA is a supercharge practice of a unique multi-sensory breathing meditation to fully immerse you in a complete holistic system that is built around pranayama controlled breathing techniques in sequence of therapeutic techniques for Intermittent Hypoxic Training, rhythmical breathing, brainwave music, intention setting, AUM meditation, visualisation in a high intensity training for your soul and spirit.

This is an Awakening Ceremony that will awaken one to their full human potential awakening the full potential of your brain, improved circulation, promote your body’s natural healing ability, transmute life force energy make you feel amazing and full of energy.

OVERVIEW What Can You Expect?

  • Mental Focus & Peak Performance

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Increase energy and focus

  • Promote self healing

  • Lower blood pressure on command

  • Enter into deep meditative states in seconds

  • Create your perfect reality

MORE What Can You Expect?

SOMA will take you through various brainwave states with music designed to recondition and retrain your reptilian brain and limbic system where hardwired thought patterns reside. Starting with a creative visual meditation incorporating self-hypnosis, setting intentions to program the subconscious operating system and influence your autonomic nervous system and elevate emotional charge to attract your intentions.

Full diaphragmatic rhythmic breathing of in-breath through the nose and out-breath from the mouth to create a stronger electromagnetic field and current to flow through your body to harmonise every single function of the body to completely rebalancing the nervous system. Breathing in beats to create heart coherence to the beats of music for a profound opportunity to breathe yourself into sensations of joy, emotional release, waves of bliss and intuitive downloads during this journey.

Practiced in cycles to facilitate pranayama Nisshesha Rechaka Kumbhuka out-breath hold to exhale all the chi from your body with a deep vocal toning that taps into the power of the vagus nerve.  This is a key part of SOMA to create a brief and healthy intermittent hypoxia training to hold the out-breath holds to build your resilience to access your full potential, by supporting ◦ blood flow ◦ lower blood pressure ◦ encourage growth and development of nervous tissue ◦ prevent degeneration of tissue and organs ◦ restore flow for obstructed coronary heart artery ◦ increase stamina and endurance ◦ relieve chronic diseases; asthma, arthritis, diabetes and sleep disorder ◦ stimulate cell reproduction/regeneration and why many Olympic athletes train at high altitudes to improve your endurance.

You will train your mitochondria to produce cellular energy more efficiently. Intermittent Hypoxia Training has been shown to improve human performance by way of adaptation to reduced oxygen. We use conscious intention to send healing for physical healing and is alsoone of the reasons why many Olympic athletes train at high altitudes to improve your endurance.

At the end of your out-breath cycle - you facilitate pranayama Antara Kumbhuka in-breath hold, done with control and power presence to bring new oxygen with an energy rush into the cells for heightened states of consciousness. An exploration for feeling liberated at you pause your breath; pausing on life and tune into manifesting and deep insights of ‘divine downloads’.

To complete your cycle you let go of the breath with Omkar chant and extending exhale with an AUM mantra - this will take you deep into a flow state. These cycles are repeated as you build your personal experience of supercharged health - SOMA is truly unforgettable.

Concluding is a bath of Alchemy Quartz Crystal Sound Bowls to extend your magnetic power of attraction as you have accessed all breath awareness states to embody the empowered mental, physical and spiritual energies as the sole creator of your reality.

(breathing time 45-60 minutes)

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Location - The Studio (4-8 people) | Your Space (6+) | Corporate (6+) | Zoom
Duration - 2 hrs
Group - $60pp
1-2-1 - $166 
Couples - $188 

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(savings via zoom available)

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Nothing has ever happened but I gently remind you some advisories that exist and by purchasing these services, you agree with these terms.  Breathwork sessions you remain in control of your breathing for the entire session, however if you are concerned I advise that you consult a physician. Breath Retentions to be done with caution if severe hypertension or heart disease. Breath Retentions to be avoided if epilepsy, pacemaker, heart arrhythmias, chronic obstructive, pulmonary disease, terminal illness, intolerance of oxygen insufficiency, cancer (unless IHT is prescribed by a doctor). Pregnancy my recommendation is wait until the child to attend a breathwork practice. Options for Alchemy Sound are both amazing as a single session or to have as baby-baths ceremony.

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Transpersonal Breathwork, Shamanic Healing + Bodywork

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Pranayama Breathwork + Tantric Technique

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  • Claire Belton Transpersonal Breathwork Training Academy In Breathwork And Shamanic Healing, Australian Breathwork Association
  • The Breath Centre, Usa, Michael Brian Baker Certified Levels 1-3
  • Soma Breath Certified Instructor
  • Certified Attunement Therapist
  • Oracle Of Sound - Sound Healing Training For Alchemy Quartz Crystal Tones™ Oracle Of Sound - Shamanic Sound And Voice Activation
  • Healy World - Medical Device Consultant
  • Coach & Practitioner Of Nlp And Conversational Hypnosis - Quantum Training Institute
  • Om Chant Facilitator - Atma Kriya Yoga Certificate
  • Hydration Specialist - Enagic ® Kangen Water

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  • Australian Breathwork Association

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